Brangelina Brand Dissolved

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take their children Pax, Zahara and Shiloh to a park in Budapest, Hungary, on Friday.  Jolie is in Hungary filming her directorial debut. November 5, 2010. 

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Brangelina is no more, since September 15, 2016, according to filings in the courts.  The Jolie-Pitt has been branded as Hollywood’s power couple.  They have six interracial children among them. Their personal lives have over shadowed their careers in recent months. Angelina Jolie has been running a smear campaign against her soon-to-be ex-husband. Brad Pitt has stayed quiet and encourages his circle to not degrade his children’s mother in the media.

It is surprising that the Jolie-Pitt family has stayed together for more than a decade. Angelina has said in interviews, “that’s what 10 years of marriage will do…” But, these celebrities were only married for 2 years and 21 days. It has been rumored for years of their split. Back in 2012, it was reported that Angie stormed out of a therapy session learning of Brad impregnating his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston.  Jennifer recently did a magazine interview and said “I have worked too hard in this life and this career to be whittled down to a sad, childless human.” Brad’s brother did speak of his brother expecting a baby with his wife, Aniston. Brad wanted to be a father and obviously, Jennifer wanted a successful career on her own. Her career has whittled down over the last decade, but it was her choice of movies. Especially “Meet the Millers,” where Jennifer Aniston passionately kisses her pretend teenage son. Most mothers would boycott her films, after such an offensive act for a cheap laugh from an immoral entertainment.

Brad, Jennifer and Angelina got what they each wanted. Jennifer Aniston is still a gossip sheet favorite. Angelina got children from parents with wealthy bloodlines and collects payments from the countries they are adopted from and both Zahara and Pax have mothers that want their children returned. The media publicizes these mothers were drug addicted, but governments with Central Banks (Excluding Iran and North Korea) operate currency value on land being adhered to bloodline and the birth certificate and/or passport is the receipt. It was reported that Angelina adopted Pax as a single mother and Brad was extremely disturbed the day the crying child arrived to his new home. This is probably the reason Angie does not want shared custody, because she doesn’t want to split the adoption payments with Brad due to tax returns benefits too.  And, this is probably another reason why Angelina is not asking for child support.

Angelina does dubious deals, such as organizing the Rape Summit to profit on women’s misery. Welfare does not pay benefits to children born from mothers that conceive by rape. The United Nations is an evil organization that profits from death and war so do not be fooled by Angelina Jolie’s charity persona.  Angelina got sympathy from the public for getting her breast augmentation. And, she removed her ovaries, because her late-mother had a non-profit organization that Angie personal used for herself.

Brad Pitt got Plan B Productions in the Jennifer Aniston divorce and became a father with Angelina Jolie.  He also won an Oscar for ’12 Years a Slave” and he still owns his Hollywood Hills home that he bought in the mid-90s. It is not reported, but Brad Pitt did get his high school sweetheart pregnant and she moved out of State without word. There is possibility that Brad has a long lost child surfacing in the future. Angelina also had a secret pregnancy in her mid-20s and gave this baby up to pursue her acting career.

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