Stone’s SNOWDEN Movie Meltdown


There is a Booz Allen Hamilton consultant that had said that ‘every genius is mentally ill, but not every mentally ill person is a genius.’ This is the case in Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ movie. It is amazing that a film was made out of nothing. Stone does give the audience clues that Edward Snowden is full of it, but continues down the path of trying to convince viewers of his importance in the world. There are many reasons to conclude that Edward Snowden is a grandiose man that people rally around to support his delusions.

First of all, Ed Snowden wears glasses and he would never be considered to be in Special Forces’ operations.  Stone clearly points this out, while filming the military training scenes and yet the audience is detoured by a doctor telling the character that his bones are too brittle for service. Later in the film, it reveals that Snowden has epilepsy, which is also another reason to nullify him as a government service man at any capacity.

There are details released that support Snowden’s jesters to pretend to have gone rogue. Peter Thiel, who created Prism, had offered Snowden money after he was thrust into the public as a whistleblower. But, in the film it was briefly mentioned that Prism was the enemy. It is simply that Peter Thiel is a Conservative Christian behind the creation of paypal, yet now they promote Elon Musk as the inventor behind paypal, which is also false. It is Cisco that designed the online banking transaction software in Canada as their safe-haven of the American government or Microsoft retaliation of patents, which is not Heartbeat as stated in the movie.

Once Snowden got his publicity, he was begging people on twitter to retweet his comments in the early days of his notoriety. It was suspected that Edward Snowden had a mental breakdown and the world was involved in his meltdown. Once the journalist realized they had helped a disturbed temporary employee, they continued reporting the fraud. They would never throw Snowden under the bus, but Oliver Stone did an excellent job doing this subconsciously.

Another misleading fact in the ‘Snowden’ film was the 2nd Nuremberg trails that Edward spoke of being jailers and German workers that were indicted. But, in actuality it was the German royal bloodlines that were illegally arrested for the sake of the Zionists to collect money funded through Wall Street. The fact is that Jews accepted money (credit) for their dead relatives to release 80+ prisoners and continue claiming sympathy of being Nazi victims. It is amusing that Stone did bring this discussion into the film as hinting to the current banking system that still exists today.

Another detail that was eliminated was that Snowden’s girlfriend, Lindsay was an exotic dancer or a stripper in Hawaii. In this fictional movie her character is a photographer. While watching Edward talking to Lindsay about them being watched through their webcams, it was a clear sign that his mental illness got the best of him. Most bipolar people believe they are being watched from their televisions or spoken to through the radio. It is true that there is software to override webcam access, just like there is Ubot software to access ID and passwords to any website on the internet.

It was a cheerful moment, when Nicholas Cage’s character was routing Snowden on by saying ‘he did it.’ It was probably greatly appreciative that Stone showed a CIA instructor living in a modest home with a normal wife, while he was drinking a beer in front of his television set. This was the truest scene of an espionage moment. It was said that Snowden opened the door for Central Intelligent Agents to go rogue, so this was extremely symbolic that most agents are not a rich or have a glamorous job. It is regular people assigned a mission for ‘National Security’ results and when the word ‘Security’ is used, it means money or currency.

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