‘Mask’ the Real Green Monster

Jim Carrey

It seems that Jim Carrey could really use that magical ‘Mask’ to turn him into a green monster. Well, Jimmy doesn’t need make-up to be a green monster now. Cathriona ‘Cat’ White died on or about September 24, 2015 or did she actually die on 23rd? Jim Carrey is obsessed with the ‘Number 23’ as the New Line Cinema movie, where he starred in as a boyfriend killer. Cathriona’s estranged husband has filed a ‘wrongful death’ lawsuit on the fact that his wife killed herself with Carrey’s painkillers.

It is not surprising that Jim Carrey is in trouble for Cat’s death now. It does take time for family to be able to mourn and eventually get to the anger stage naturally that people go through related to their loss. It was reported that Cat had attempted suicide prior to her passing in 2015 and she that was involved with a Scientology program for cleansing purposes at the time of her death.

The last time Jim Carrey and Cathriona White were seen together was on September 19, 2015 at the Malibu restaurant Nubo for her belated birthday celebration. Cat was born on September 14th and a Virgo and Jim is a Capricorn and his birthday is January 17th and 23 years older than his deceased girlfriend. Jim Carrey is Canadian and Cat was from Ireland and she was a Hollywood make-up artist.

In the movie ‘The Number 23’ Jim Carrey’s character met Virginia Madsen’s character on September 14th, which is the number 23 and also Cat’s birthday. The trailer of this movie was removed on September 19, 2016 from youtube, after the ‘wrongful death’ lawsuit was filed. Even Jim Carrey’s comment on Cat’s passing is insincere and sappy. Articles reported Jim Carrey as a pallbearer, but he posed for a photo. Jim Carrey is a horrible serious actor and very unbelievable. 

Cathriona White met her husband, Mark D. Burton in 2012 on ‘The Online Gamer’ television program working on episodes entitled ‘Zombie.’ Mark’s birthday is April 30, 1977 and originally from Oregon. Mark’s attorney says that the Los Angeles District Attorney is going to be contacted to request criminal charges to be filed against Jim Carrey. Burton also claims that Carrey offered to pay for his wife’s funeral expenses, yet never paid a dime. Now, Jim probably wishes he paid, but he will go to prison, because inmates is a major infrastructure of basic banking and he will have to return to Canada, if and when, he finishes his sentence in California. Jim Carrey cannot get out of this one.

Jim Carrey does have a black cloud circulating around him, since the film ‘Mask’ with the dancing cops. Carrey might be concerned as the strong silent type, but there is something sinister about him. ‘Mask’ was also a New Line Cinema production that also produced the ‘Se7en’ film, and in 2008, N.L.C. was taken over by Warner Bros.

Jim Carrey became very creepy with personal youtube videos obsessing on Emma Stone. He has paraded around as the ‘Helvis’ on Saturday Night Live and has poked fun of the ‘illuminutty’ on the Jimmy Kimmel talk show. Viewers may laugh at his crazy theories as he makes fun of the ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ on youtube as his defense for losing composure.    

Hollywood is a dangerous environment taking money from Masonic Zionists, where blood-money is acceptable in Corporate America. Now-a-days with whistleblowers exposing attorneys, accountants and hedge fund managers are unable to service blood-money to off-shore bank accounts, than Hollywood will fail. Before the ‘New Deal’ was sold to the public by F.D.R. using Shirley Temple as the poster child to access American social security trusts, an actor was denied service in stores and restaurants knowing they would sell friends or family out for money or blood-money as the Zionist did in Germany through 14 Wall Street, the Bankers Trust Company in New York City owned by the Netherlands, who are responsible for slavery, corporations and operating the United States Postal service.

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