Less Shoulder Material is Sexy Simple

shoulder showing fashion

In the 1980’s shoulder pads were in fashion. Television shows like ‘Dynasty’ promoted this trend to give the illusion of broadness up top to slim women at the waist. Most sewing patterns were designed with more space to add the extra padding. It symbolized women having a lot on their shoulders. It was a time in history when people use to dress to the nines as everyday practice. This was a bold era with strong colors and patterns that stood out in a room. There were fashion faux pas, but people experiment their expression through fashion. The late eighties brought us cable television with more choices and big hair and make-up became the trending lead of clothing expression.

The nineties affected the downslide of fashion care of the ‘X generation’ influences. Grudge remains popular through the last two decades, even after the loss of its leader.  Joan Collins had reported that she will never be seen in ripped jeans. It was a rising actress that began wearing men’s underwear outside of her low waist jeans, in the late 80s, on Rodeo Drive that is now common as gangster attire. Once grudge hit the fashion world, it seemed that many people stopped being interested in their look.

It seems that the September 11 attacks, also affected American attitudes towards fashion. Rarely do we see a crowd dressed in dresses and/or suits, unless they are the presenters of an event. When seeing crowds at political rallies, it seems the audience is dressed in (ripped) jeans and T-shirts. Fashion has described historical eras of the past.  It seems the present is changing with teenagers making more of an effort to switch up their wardrobes and get away from dressing down as the times we have suffered.

It does appear in the last few years that we have been exposed to new fashion trends.  The air-condition exposure of shoulders in tops and dresses seems to be the least look that is taking fashion by storm.  These outfits require half-bras and a very good look for every woman’s body type.  She can be slim or have broad shoulders, but this is a sexy look for all women.

Also, shoulder-less clothes reveals new clothing that has recently entered your closet.  Bare skin of the shoulders reveals body parts with a modest style.  There are religious organizations that require women to button up their necks or cover their heads, but nothing in their holy books ever said anything about showing the shoulders.  The shoulder seen is a refreshing look in the 21st Century.  If, our cultural wasn’t socially injured from terrorist attacks, maybe our fashion would have evolved faster?  But let’s embrace the simple, yet sexy fashion being sold online and/or in stores.

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