California is the Golden Nation


It is not common knowledge, but ‘Calexit’ is destined to happen.  Many tech giant companies are reporting this will never happen, because they want to continue keeping their hands in Wall Street’s back pockets.  But, Calexit has already been determined on April 16, 2016, which was the original ‘Patriot Day’ prior to the 9-11 attacks, when this murderous day gained this holiday title. Sick!

There has been a lot of mainstream media ‘fake news’ reports circulating, but this has been the case for decades.  The media is funded on crime and since, the Congressional Budget Act of thieving of Social Security trusts.  This Act was instated by President ‘Tricky’ Dick Nixon and he was glad to be impeached, because according to the 1933 Bank Relief Act, an elected official cannot legally make financial decisions.  So, not only is the media reporting fake news, their funding is fraudulent too.

There was a false report that a ‘John Doe’ had claimed to be the Panama Papers leak. This fictitious whistleblower said that he or she exposed tax evaders from their moral conscious and did not want any money and kept their identity concealed due to fearing jail, if exposed.  Another Suisse bank whistleblower was interviewed and he had said this was the work of the CIA, but more like a Rogue CIA agent.  The Panama Papers was filled with CIA business accounts, including the Iran-Contra scandal.

The truth is that the U.S. Treasury is unable to reward the whistleblower the 10-30% payment on the $32 trillion dollars from the Mossack-Fonseca firm discovery.  These shell bank accounts cost $3,000 dollars to set up to steal CUSIP bonds or credit trusts upon death, so this is blood-money earned from drugs, gun trades, human trafficking, sex slavery and even, snuff flicks.  Social Security is actually Straw-man credit.  America has been known to provide credit through Rothschild’s Central Banking system, which holds the monopoly pansy scheme designed by the family of banking cartels that were originally Jewish gravediggers from Frankfurt, Germany.

The Holocaust (Hoax) created with the assistance of Kodak Ltd. in London. The Rothschild banksters designed a plan to help insure the Queen Elizabeth II reign, which was born from a German Jewish bastard bloodline and not the rightful royal of Windsor, until Brexit was officially voted to leave the EU (mainly The Netherlands) on June 23, 2016. The Netherlands funded World War II and this dynasty began slavery that blamed the British, invented corporations, bought New York City from the Native Indians for $14 and remains as 14 Wall Street (Stock Exchange) and owns and operates the United States postal service, since the Oklahoma bombings. The movie based on a true story, “The Imitation Game” acknowledges the alliance between the UK and Germany.

Basically, Brexit and Calexit are family secrets within Monarchs.  The Russian Czarina exists in the shadows of what the public knows as a diplomatic government, but President Putin is technically a Prime Minister. Russia is a secret Monarchy. The Czarina is not exposed, due to the Romanov family murders on July 17, 1918. The Monarchy of the Golden Nation State is similar to the Russian Czarina not disclosed, because of family assassinations.

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