Millennial Religious Mentality

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It is socially unacceptable to be a Wiccan believer in modern times.  Many people consider nature worshippers as ‘new age’ religious tree-hugger types.  This is the farthest from the truth.  All religions are based on the foundations of Goddess belief and/or paganism.  It has been in the last 6,000 years that patriarchal faiths have been instilled in cultural. This has brought the world gender wars that currently exist today.

The rich mock the religious for believing in a god and the religious sell heaven to mock the rich.  The truth is both are ignorant human beings.  There is no such thing a one god and/or money. Both were created to trick for the purpose to suppress people into believing they are powerless. Wicca teaches tools and rituals to be able to bend the forces of nature to design a fate that one imagines that ultimately leads to destiny.  Wiccan practitioners know that rebirth will return the soul from death into another body to rejoin the cluster of friends and family members, yet again.

America is based on the freedom of religion, but people fight to be the true and only religion that matters.  It only makes sense to hold to the fundamental beliefs of a god, but incorporate the Goddess by not betraying the knowledge given by society. There is a new wave of millennials that have no religious beliefs. They were exposed to destruction at an early age or upon birth. Having this exposure desensitizes the psyche from hope or belief in anything other than what can be touched or seen as their reality.

Global religious leaders are gathering to introduce a new form of belief that is from the grassroots of our existence. Many propaganda programming advertises the Anti-Christ arrival on the scene to motivate listeners with fear.  Yet, this generation that has accepted terror and trauma as part of life, can no longer grasp these tactics to penetrate their minds in any direction. If, Jesus Christ is just a celebrity, than the Anti-Christ has no importance either.

The 90s brought us the ‘X generation’ and in the 21st Century is known as the ‘Destruction generation’ to tear down the system of President (Tricky Dick) Nixon’s introduction of the Congressional Budget Act to rob the public of their entitlements for the sake of media control and propaganda.  Millennials have their own social media stations online and they are allowed to think and post for themselves now.

The cellphone is a psychic tool that has gotten more advanced.  Everyone takes instant calls or messages for granted, and in reality is only a virtual moment that has bred major social awkwardness like never before in society. These bleak attitudes’ is the results of technology taking precedence to planning interactions with each other to share warmth and compassion.

While everyone has their face in their computers or phones the world is evolving around them.  The Mother Nature movement has been brought to mainstream media since; Al Gore participated in a Hollywood film when his Vice-Presidency ended. Some believe that climate change is a hoax, but the extinction of human kind is a brutal reality that everyone denies. Maybe Artificial Intelligence is the legacy homo-sapiens leave for an earth revival in the future?

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