Thanksgiving Should Be Turkey Day!


Happy Thanksgiving! This 2016 calendar dates is almost ending and this was an especially challenging year that Americans can be grateful to be behind us. Thanksgiving Day brings on a long four days weekend for most Americans. It is the day for family and/or friends to gather for a traditional turkey feast. Other sides include candy yams, green beans, bread stuffing and cranberry jelly. It is common to finish this celebration meal with pumpkin pie.

Following Thanksgiving dinner comes Black Friday, where retailers sell special merchandise for less. Most customers think they are getting a deal i.e. they believe they are buying same television as they normally would buy for half the price sale, but in actuality the manufacturers are selling inferior products. Black Friday should really be called Blank Friday, because retailers do not fill in the blanks.

Then we have Cyber-Monday, which are online orders that get mailed through the Post Office, UPS or FedEx. These shipping companies are not even American owned. The United States Post Office is actually operated by the Netherlands, who bought New York City from the Native Indians for $14 dollars. Guess that is worth giving thanks to claiming land to continue creating more con-artist business, such as 14 Wall Street and buy and sell corporation shares, which is another Dutch creation.

So, technically Thanksgiving is giving to the Netherlands that also funded War World II. Thanksgiving is not really an American holiday, but another way to get Americans is the spirit to stimulate the economy for the Rothschild banking cartel system to continue their pansy scheme through printing fiat money having no real value. Both, the Netherlands and since the WWII, Rothschild’s family are profiting from slavery from hard working Americans.

Americans live to work, but in the rest of the world, people work to live their lives and value relationships with others more than things bought on Black Friday and/or Cyber-Monday. Canada originated celebrating Thanksgiving, but on the second Monday in October beginning in 1578 by Martin Frobisher. It was 40 years later in 1641, is the first American Thanksgiving, when the Wampanoag Indian tribe feasted with the Plymouth colonists.

Thanksgiving will always be part of American history, but it is time to acknowledge this celebration is propaganda to create a break to fool our great industrial country (corporation) believing, we are free and independent. Maybe the turkey is a symbol of what the rest of the world thinks of dumbed down Americans? United States should change the bald eagle to a turkey, because if a turkey is left out in the rain they look up in the sky and drown themselves. America not only looks up in the sky, when it pours, but Christians are told to pray for a dead man on the cross as vultures like the Rothschild’s preying on Americans by them putting their faith into imaginary rituals.

So, Happy Thanksgiving to those who want to believe in a spirit in the sky that provides freedom and independence to Americans. The retailers and banks are more than thankful for naïve Americans traveling to visit family and friends to symbolically emulate a turkey day.

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