Mark Zuckerberg Creates Fake News

SAN FRANCISCO JUNE 30 : Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Marched With 700 Facebook Employees In San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade on June 30 2013

China does not want Facebook for the simple reason of having to divulge their birthdays. Fakebook is a scam that millions of people are unaware of when setting up their social media accounts. It is common knowledge that Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea in college. He did settle a lawsuit with his classmates for a fraction. Mark Zuckerberg is a liar and a thief and is only interested in power and control and does not care about fake news, because he is the fake.

It has been reported briefly that Mark Zuckerberg was in court over his Facebook business.  The media has spun the story, because the mainstream media is funded on crime. In the spring of 2016, a whistleblower exposed the illegal activities taking place through this international website. It was reported to be breaking internet and SEC laws. There was a blurb mention of a Chicago company pressing charges on Facebook fraud.

There was another mention in the fall that Facebook was found guilty of using bots. Bots is fake uploads. Example: A video was watched more times by users, but the users were computer generated stats. Mark Zuckerberg planted a story that bots were not benefiting their website.  Another article was printed that Mark Zuckerberg sent a low level attorney to speak with the defendant’s attorneys and they were insulted that this fraud case was not treated as serious charges against his company.

Then, the media spun a story that Mark Zuckerberg was guilty of fake news about Palestine and Israel relations.  Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish and worldwide Jewish groups (corporations) can register with the Israeli government to received Tax refunds or payments on terrorism and droughts, anywhere in the world that they reside.

Websites have registered domain names (car) that need to buy hosting (road) to service user’s access. When a user creates their fakebook account people must provide the website their name, birthday and websites obtain the users IP address, which is like internet real estate. It is in their terms and conditions that pictures and personal videos becomes Facebook intellectual property. In recent years, Facebook has enabled users to be able to be tracked of their physical location through their cellphones.

The internet laws read that if a user deletes their posts or blogs online, the information must disappear in 30 days (twitter) or the maximum of 6 weeks (google). But facebook holds every entry on their server or in their database and neglects to follow these rules. Another fraudulent tactic is reporting false information to the Stock Exchange Commission and purposely manipulates the stats or numbers to benefit or pillage investors in the market. Another term for these practices is commonly known as ‘insider trading.’ But they are not trading virtual bots, but user’s personal value.

Mark Zuckerberg hired a woman that he claims started the internet, but this was a lie. It was actually Cisco that was the backbone to internet operations and never was it one person that created the internet. The operating system came to market in the late 80s to early 90s through Microsoft software designer Bill Gates and his silent partner Warren Buffet, who knew each other long before they admit to, because of ‘insider trading’ is against the law. Microsoft makes their money through licensing patents (Apple) and acquisitions from taking the company public.

Mark Zuckerberg has been announcing his plans to bring the public Artificial Intelligence, but this is old news in the intelligence community and computers having an operating brain came onto the scene in 2008-2009. So, once again Mark Zuckerberg is lying about his capabilities, and if he stole the Facebook idea and got away with it, then why would he change his M.O. now?

The real scary part of this information is Mark Zuckerberg is using the media and leaders of government to profit on currency value. Everyone has a value from their ancestry bloodline and their address (IP or email), which not provided to the people in their trust, but offered as credit.  The banks are really lending people with identity numbers to access personal currency to charge borrowed interest and/or tax a person for using their own benefits.

China needs to stick to BRICS and forget about the dollar being the world currency. India tried to steal American land through the internet real estate schemes and now Mark Zuckerberg wants to steal or inflate currency value from all nations. The top secret truth is India was awarded management of the internet control in the last recent months to continue developing technology to assist China in maintaining our world military. How does a company pay themselves, if they only do business with themselves? This is why government leaders are pushing the Fakebook agenda to gain control of currency and land for politicians not for the citizens they govern.

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