Fake Government Outlaws Fake News


This is going to be a huge changing year in fashion, agriculture, finances and/or politics. We get a reality star for President, who is selecting wealthy businessmen to his cabinet. We have a foreign first lady that is said to have been a model to wear designer clothes, yet refuses to leave New York City to reside in D.C. And, we have an President Obama, who has signed an executive order to seize the first amendment right, using ‘fake news’ as an excuse to continuing covering up politicians lying, thieving, conniving reputations, before leaving office.

The truth is that the American government is a fraudulent organization since 1933. And, the United Kingdom was allied with Germany to keep the current German Jew British Monarchy as head of State in power. That enabled the Rothschild Central banking family to continue their fiat or fake money ruling every country, but North Korea and Iran. Everything we have been taught through the years is false and a lie.

The ‘New Deal’ was introduced, after the U.S. Incorporated was broken and bankrupt. The citizens were given control over their own financial affairs, but actors have been playing the role of government leadership to continue duping the world they are more powerful that a natural born person, which is false and untrue. When people became tradable stock on Wall Street is when our lives became as pawns in a dangerous game of survival.

Americans are worth more dead than alive. This is why Americans have never won a War and the real reason why fake news is alive and well. The U.S. media is also controlled by the banksters. They basically run a propaganda campaign that America is the land of the free and keeps open borders to rob from foreigners their ancestry wealth of their bloodline and land (zip code) combined. This is how countries determine the value of its currency. When you buy a property, the government always demands taxes for the land and homeowners real do not own it.

So, it is ironic that President Trump is in office, when his father was first in line for Social Security Trusts, once the ‘New Deal’ was introduced from value to debt. Candidates that run for office must apply for a Federal Election Commission bond as a Lord is in a Monarchy. Trump on a victory tour is scamming the public trusts of those residing in that zip code. But, when debt from his father’s building development deals matches Donald’s debt of American trust funds, doesn’t this dig a deeper debt? Yes, as it is known ‘2 wrongs don’t make it right.’ President Bill Clinton and Hillary both have F.E.C. bonds, so this is why celebrities supported them, because they were getting 200% kickbacks on the campaign donations. Donald Trump says he financed his own campaign, but like Clinton, it was the people’s trusts that supported the election.

So, the system is designed to fail. There are 3 markets bubbling up to pop with failure to bring in BRICS currency and overthrow the Rothschild’s dollar. Even though that dollar appears strong, it is not able to sell to other countries, so the Stock market will pop. The bond market is failing and China knows the game, because their never reveal their birthdays. And, the housing market did crash in 2008, but the next bubble will be a crash. So, it is said that ‘life is cheap,’ but in actuality ‘life is priceless’ especially if those profiting on surplus death money cannot profit on death or alive individual trusts’ money.

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