Sometimes Fashion gets it Wrong

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 16, 2015: Models walk the runway during the Parke & Ronen show at New York Fashion Week Men's S/S 2016 at Skylight Clarkson Sq

Since Coco Chanel made bathing suits fashionable in public, there has been allot of changes in swimwear.  They use to be like long-john’s cut off at the shins to women wearing thong bikinis and men buying speedos.  Speedos are most in style with the Europeans, but American women cannot appreciate a man wearing them on the beach.  It doesn’t matter how hot the guy is, it is unacceptable in a public pool or at the lake or at beaches.

The only men that should buy speedos are those on a swim team to obtain a faster glide in the pool.  Men are more sexual beings than women.  There are some men that would never allow their girlfriend or wife to wear a G-string, even if she had the figure for it.  Traditionally men like to have more left to the imagination, but there are a few of selected group men that believe ‘if you got it, flaunt it.’  There are worldly men that are glad to put their women on display for other men to secretly drool over.  They like to have their male friends ‘eating their hearts out with desire of their sex partner to get them talking how lucky they are to be with a sexy woman having confidence wearing next to nothing.’

There are not many overweight women that would wear a G-string.  Not to be general, but women are aware of this sex symbol culture and would fear being slandered in public or private.  But a woman that is full figured or fat and parading around in a G-string can spark arousal in a man.  It’s the attitude of being comfortable in your own body that is a turn on.  There are many heavy set women that have men lining up at their door and being wined and dined.  It is usually the beauty queen that sits at home on weekend nights, because they are hard to approach.  Or, men might assume a gorgeous, sexy woman has a man a protective man already. “She is probably with a millionaire or gets anyone she wants with those looks and/or body” is what most assume.

Sex appeal is in between the ears.  And average looking person usually has more opportunities, especially if they are funny (not sarcastic).  A good laugh stimulates the stomach, which is the ‘golden gut’ or the 3rd eye, which creates a feel-good connection.  We are also attracted to people through smell or pheromones.  It is a subconscious stimulus in all of us.  In Robin Zodiac’s eBook, she talks about doing candle rituals to charge your aura energy to draw people into your force field of cosmic rays.

But an overweight man in a speedo is not going to get women noticing their sparkly personality or sense of humor.  They say that women with sun sign, rising or moon influenced by Cancer star sign do prefer a man with a belly, but not in a speedo.  Women do not want to see what size junk a man is packing in his pants, regardless of his physique.  Maybe European women are raised this way and do not find it offensive? But any man in a speedo swimsuit is not something Americans are exposed to outside of a swim meet.

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