Strengthen Yourself Inside-Out


Robin Zodiac sends a list to her clients needing to change their lives around.  She encounters many people that call psychics excessively, which creates more confusion and more money spent to straighten out the conflicting readings.  Robin always asks that people put her on a budget and she wants to be a solution not a financial problem.  One of the main things she suggests to do is take yoga classes.

It is a known fact that happiness exists by truly living in the moment.  When engaging in yoga, the focus is on stretching and breathing.  Classes are more beneficial than watching videos at home.  Driving to the gym or classroom to be instructed by a teacher and being involved socially as a group is part of strengthening the psyche too.  People are social by nature and being in a group is best to draw on a more powerful experience.

Yoga is an excellent exercise to clear your mind of thoughts that flow through normally daily.  It is best to maintain a routine and keeping to a schedule does build confidence.  There are different levels of yoga classes, but the beginner classes still provide the same results.  Breathing sends oxygen to the muscles and relaxes the body internally.  Sometimes the release can cause tears.  It is said that it takes a strong person to cry to let the mental buildup of stress go with this expression.

The physical, mental and spiritual practice of yoga originates from India.  Yoga is goals in the Buddhism and Hinduism religions.  You do not have to change your religious faith, but include it as a ritual to raise the higher connection of instincts.  Yoga takes discipline and this is an essential ingredient to obtain success in life.

Healthy eating and nurturing the mind and body takes work, but needs to become a lifestyle.  Yoga is like tapping into our complex machine with little effort to create calmer surroundings.  All energy cycles in life, even cells multiple constantly, so yoga is charging our chi to insure positive karma or interactions with other persons, places or things.  Quantum physics does exist, but we are culturally brainwashed, so yoga loosen up this magic within.

Body language is another thing people read subconsciously.  If your posture is erect, then others will see confidence.  Some may still challenge confidence to push down your inner strength to appear to be more dominate or powerful. But the routine of yoga can put your mind in a safe place to cope with this resistance without ailing from the bombardment.

Please add yoga to the list of New Year’s resolutions to resolve the chaos we face daily.  Implement this into your lifestyle and make it a priority.  You are important and we all make an imprint in this universe. Those suffering from depression can decompress with taking action through yoga.  It is said that everything we do or say causes a rippling effect i.e. a pebble is dropped into a pond compared to a rock both travel a wave of more or less to reach the shore to impact our mother earth.

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