Massage to Good Health

Beautiful young woman relaxing at beauty spa.

Getting a massage is good for your health.  It can also attract the opposite sex to those receiving the massage, especially receiving it from someone of a different gender.  Robin Zodiac wrote an eBook called ‘Secrets to Win A Marriage Proposal’ and writes about the touch of a masseuse is really charging the aura and creates a subconscious sexual attraction from the opposite sex afterwards.  This works more for women getting massaged by a man, because men are usually more competitive and always want the women that every man wants.  Most women are a one man-woman and deny other dating proposals to avoid feeling guilty or interfere with their desires and/or the love euphoria they hold for him.  But, a male masseur is nothing sexual and most times not emotional for the woman hiring this service.

Our bodies are full of gases and the same energy as a star in the sky.  We seem to have stress through our thoughts and different parts of our body can prevent the flow.  When the energy is not cycling through our blood and muscles, we can experience pain and/or stiffness.  Some people carry stress on their shoulders having neck and/or shoulder soreness.  It is said that our feet are connected to other areas within our physical structure. A licensed practitioner is trained to follow a routine and with experience can focus on the areas needing relief.

There is patients’ diagnosis with Fibromyalgia, which is an extremely painful ailment.  Victims feel it coming on and allot of times unable to move and frozen in pain.  It is known that a massage at the first sense of the pain coming on can be massaged out before going full blown in pain.  This illness has been said to be a mystery, but chiropractors say it actually stems from a brain injury.  That the brain’s nerves control body functions and most reports of patients have experienced some sort of head injury to bring on Fibromyalgia.  It is more common for older people to fall victim of this terrible disease.  The first attack is the most painful illness has the feeling that the body has been beaten with a baseball bat through every muscle.  Many people have to be hospitalized during flare ups.

Another advantage of a massage is that it does loosen up our bowels.  Toxins in the body are known to bring diseases.  The massage does help the flow of digestion system and it is more likely the body expels unwanted toxins.  Toxins come from the emotional connection we have with our foods.  Stress eating can block good health.  Our blood travels through every muscle and massaging those assists in circulating our complex human machine.

There are those that do not enjoy getting massaged, but their body feels as if they are floating on air when their massage is finished.  There is a popular saying, “no pain; no gain.”  There are those that enjoy relaxing as others use their strength to loosen the stress that originates in our minds.  It is recommended that you drink water after your massage to add oxygen to breathing muscles.

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