Crowned Republic for the People

Donald Trump and Melania Knauss At the 2004 Vanity Fair Oscar After Party in Morton's Restaurant, West Hollywood, CA. 02-29-04

President Donald John Trump was sworn into office.  The Inauguration Ceremony was incredibly inspiring.  President Trump made the best speech of any leaders in the past.  He encouraged united and loyalty and his supports were proud to be an American.  President Trump has major plans to change the United States into a profitable country again.

There are many past articles written about fraudulent government and financial realities going on behind the scenes to manipulate the public into believe the people have no power.  We now have a celebrity reality star in the White House calling the shots.  The commentators were still complaining that President Trump was voted in by the Electoral College and 3 million votes shy to the popular vote.  It was the best choice for the average American person and not for the career politicians and/or the media personalities to maintain their power to continue to con their audience.

President Trump was raised by a father that understood the Social Security system and did build in New York City to provide housing using the public’s trusts.  President Carter was a farmer that grew peanuts, which America was a farming country that feed the rest of the world before WWII.  We are returning to the grassroots of a country. January 20, 2017 is the first day of a country with a ruling Monarchy.  Russia is a Crowned Republic, since the murders of the Romanov family in the early 1900s.  President Putin is a figure head and not the entitled ruler, but this is not common knowledge to protect his Czarina or Queen behind the curtain.

President Trump is a Gemini and able to change his mind on a dime.  He is a shrewd businessman that understands the truth of liquidity compared to valued assets.  Paper money is worthless without the lack of land and bloodline to determine the currency rates of every country.  President Trump wants to tear up NAFTA, but it was designed as the original business being done prior to the Civil War on trade.  Pennsylvania was the most successful State adhering families to their land.

President Trump and the First Lady is a representation of the United States of America, where people in other countries can finally agree the free country got it right.  People living overseas treat American tourist with class and dignity.  We are admired and respected, so we should be grateful that President Trump’s opponent did not win the election.  Plus, a woman wearing pantsuits as her fashion staple is nothing but a frumpy old lady living out her fantasy.

First Lady Melania has to be the best looking women in the White House, since Jacqueline Kennedy who was in her thirties.  Melania Trump looks amazing in tight fitted clothes and is a dedicated wife and mother.  She is not born in America, but a small town with different values of success.  She is an incredible example for women to aspire to become in the lives.

The best performance at President Trump’s at the Inauguration Ceremony was the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  The Mormon Church really does not know the background of its own establishment.  These are clean people without smoking, drinking alcohol or caffeine.  It was an honorable event to be part of, even watching from the television to enjoy classic singers that were part of this movement towards the new Crowned Republic government with a Monarchy behind the scenes, especially noticed by paying attention to the details.

God and Goddess Bless America!

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