Choker Neckline Trend

Choker Trend

It seems that the newest fashion for women is the choker neckline.  It does compliment young women with long sleek necks. This can work for older women that may have the normal aging of their neck to disguise it.  Some tops and dresses are being sold with a clear choker attached fabrics with a zipper in the back of the garment.  There is runway fashion of this look that is more discreet choker.

It is exciting that clothing manufacturers are providing a small altered look to highlight the times.  The conservative choker has flare with skin showing in other areas of the body.  The most popular look is to reveal the chest with the neck covered by additional attached fabric at the neck.  In the 80s, it was popular to wear large flashy brooches, but today is more simple and elegant in style, but a small pin on the choker collar can work.

The turtleneck was commonplace fashion in the 70s.  There were different styles, and even cow neck look of a droopy turtleneck became a regular item in wardrobes. Not everyone can wear a turtleneck that is of thick or bulky sweater fabrics and it is considered to be a preppy appearance.  The turtleneck does not flatter round faced people.  Men also wear turtleneck fashion and is seen under suit jackets as a dressy, yet casual look.

A thin fabric choker look is sexy with shoulders and/or chests showing on a woman.  It has been predicted that this style will follow more choker necklaces in jewelry fashion too.  This is a trend that will not go away anytime soon.  It seems that designers are using this look to different degrees.  It is more feminine than a woman wearing a necktie, which came and went in the early 90s.  It is rare to see women mimicking men’s fashion these days.  It was a fashion statement of gender equality and bold in its day.

The choker neckline is a new hip look.  It is going to make a splash among all aged women.  The neck is a sexist part of the body and it was old fashion to cover the neck in prior centuries.  So the choker is a dash of old fashion clothes, but this does not register in our minds being 100s of years away from the way women dressed in the past.

It does seem that moderate clothing lines seem to step out and take the risk of introducing new looks.  The days of haute culture is not really desired with the younger generations.  In fashion schools, they have been teaching that economic times influence people’s fashionable appearance.  What does the choker neckline represent these days? It could be the high controversial ‘Fake News’ reporting symbolizing to say nothing as women choke their speaking voice with this fashion trend.  Or, it could be a modern symbol of old fashion morals with revealing opinions? Either way, the choker neckline is a fresh new look that will catch on quickly.

When watching science fiction movies the choker neckline is usually seen in them.  The look usually appears to be bright colors of sparkly costumes, but today the choker neckline is solid subdued fabric colors.  The choker neckline is elegant under a women’s business suit or can be sexy with more exposing skin revealed.

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