Madonna Hate Speech for Love

LOS ANGELES -  MAY 19:  Madonna in the press room at the Billboard Music Awards 2013 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 19, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV

The Saturday following President Trump’s Inauguration event millions of women took to the streets all over the country.  Most complained about the fear of our civil liberties being stolen from us from the celebrity leader.  It is rumored that these protestors are being funded by George Soros for approximately $1,500 a person.  The thing that these activists do not understand is that these payments are from their own Social Security Trust funds, which is known as a straw man or in the financial district of mortgage lending a CUSIP bond.

It is inspiring to witness women rally together.  But, the truth is that women are under stricter laws, punishments and penalties in Admiralty courts.  When the 13th Amendment of Lincoln’s emancipation became law, it was no to free the slaves, but to enslave us all to the US Incorporate system.  In 1933, this corporation went bankrupt and the 21st Amendment, Glass-Steagall Act and the Bank Relief Act was passed meaning that government no longer had any authority to make financial decisions.  Basically, the government has been operating with appointed actors.

On January 20, 2017 with a Republican President and Congress nominated in a democratic government has become a Crowned Republic.  It allows these leaders to work on behalf of a Monarchy system, where the people are given the power.  Yet, marches of the capitol and other cities in America are requesting to be enslaved again on the claim of democracy being best for this country.  Technically, we are presently a country and no longer a broken corporation being run by the elites.  Elites are not the aristocracy of those born into entitlements through bloodline heritage.  The elites are common con-artists.

In the past, before the establishment created government as a corporation, it was known as the United States ‘for’ America, until February 21, 1871.  We are now ‘for’ the people, once again.  The elite has lost their grip on controlling people’s natural born rights and power of self-governing.  We are no longer going down the path of a ‘New World Order’ with Brexit and Calexit.  California has become the ‘Golden Nation’ and it takes 10 years to become official.  This Calexit will be on the ballot in the future and tech giants and the elite will do everything they can to overturn this from happening.  There are industries that have tapped into industries to rob American’s from their benefits and freedom for shear profit for themselves.  War and arrests are the biggest offenders of these scandals to pillage trust funds.

So, millions of Americans do not know what is really good for them and this country not corporation anymore.  The Electoral College knows President Trump being in an all Republican cabinet will insure the freedoms for US automatically under a new form of government called the ‘Crowned Republic’ with the Constitution being revived.

It is appalling that Madonna went on a rant, cursing and threatening with anger for a revolution of love at the Women’s March on Saturday, January 21, 2017.  Madonna is convoluted to believe that dreaming of ‘blowing up the White House’ was a metaphor.  Then this popular 80s singer went on to tell President Trump to ‘suck dick’ and singing ‘shit’ numerous times in her talentless performance dressed in orange baggy pants on the D.C. stage.  Madonna has been in legal trouble in the past, but these details have been swept under the carpet.  It has been written in an autobiography that she has been affiliated to street drugs in her past and the media has reported on her vulgar stage acts.  Even, Russia wants to lock Madonna up from her behavior at a concert in their country.

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