Never Rip the Ripped Jeans Away

model in ripped jeans

In the late 80s, when money was affluent is when ripped jeans became stylized as both men and women rebelled against the establishment, yet still seemed to have money.  The ripped jeans have stayed in fashion over the decades, even if the economy stalled or the world suffering a ‘housing crisis.’  Many retailers still provide this grudge fashion statement constantly in stores.  It has been adopted with shorts too.  It shows a lack of care to be polished or well-manicured.

Jeans were originally designed by Levis with canvas material and then became more popular in denim.  The jeans were mostly worn by farmers and those doing hard labor.  The fashion designers introduced jeans as common place garments.  Celebrities have been seen wearing ripped jeans during their performances.  Some people wear them to events feeling confident and stylish, even if they look dressed down for the occasion.

The Levis waistlines were known to be mostly low waist, but the company has provided the high waist jeans to appeal to more buyers.  There was a time, when designers added holes in the jeans rear-end too.  It seems that seeing butt-cheeks has dissent the public’s opinion of the person wearing them.  Anything goes with denim fashion over these last few decades and still today.

These generations of those born in the 50s have usually more difficulties with the ripped jeans look, but there are no whispers of a mature person wearing them.  Those X-generations of those from the 1960s were in their 20s, during the Nirvana fade of clothing and naturally accepts the style without the argument of ripped jeans being inappropriate attire.  But as kids, during the 70s the holes in jeans were mended with colorful patches and/or embroidery work.

Now-a-days, the teen girls mostly wear ripped jeans with fishnet stocking underneath to be seen through the holes.  Most popular ripped jeans are lower waist cuts; the stocking waistband being visually seen is another trendy fashion of their day.  Blue and black denim are still the most popular jeans’ color and unlike the 90s there is not much of a selection of pastel jeans available in stores.  And, unlike the grudge era of pleated or baggy pants, but jeans today are usually tightly fitted to hug the body’s curves.

Ripped jeans are here to stay.  It is rare to find these updated styles in thrift shops, but can find oodles of them on racks at department stores to choose from.  Stonewash denim, dark navy, light blue, black and on occasion white too.  High waist, low waist, skinny, peddle-pushers and shorts are available ripped.  So, when those favorite fitting jeans wear holes in the knees, than they are more stylish than ever.

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