Social Media and Lover Selfies

Couple Selfie

Robin Zodiac gets allot of clients calling with concerns of selfies posted on social media.  Either, it is their love interest seen in photographed with another person of the opposite sex or the logged date details of their whereabouts in question of their honesty telling their lover of another story.  The picture dates are usually logged on the ‘what’s app,’ when user save it to the cellphone gallery.  They say ‘a picture says a thousand words.’  This is very true, when it comes to the eyes being the gateway to the soul.  Our thoughts can be generated in photos, especially to those that are empathic and able to read energies.

Usually, when lovers on are on the rocks, the posting are frequent on social media.  It seems that a partner is trying to validate their love and commitment publicly.  It can be to ward off any admirers or any known or unknown suspects that maybe lurking around a mate.  It is an action of saying ‘hands off.’  If, a woman sees a man they are interested in with another woman, they are more likely to get turned off, surrender and move on.  If, a man sees another man in a picture with their love interest, depending on the man’s appearance or success, then he will most likely compete for this woman.

Instagram is more popular than Facebook these days.  What’s App and Instagram are both affiliates to Facebook.  Robin always says that Facebook is really ‘Fake-book’ and everyone is producing their own propaganda channel.  Even though, Fakebook only allows real names, birthdays and originated with college students users, until mid-2000, when it replaced MySpace for an older generation to enjoy.

Facebook is more like television in comparison to twitter.  User friends can post onto another’s Facebook page or their channel and/or tag friends in pictures, unless members make these controls private.  Twitter is more discreet in posts and no one can tweet onto someone else’s profile feed, unless the user retweet’s it themself.  Twitter is more like radio and less interactive with other followers and this social media site is extremely popular among celebrities, especially being President Trump’s preferred dialogue to his followers.

Robin Zodiac has said that she talked with a website developer on the telephone a few months before twitter was released and is the same exact format that was discussed.  Twitter has been evolving, even in the last few weeks with adding videos and dropdown arrow to share as direct message, copy a tweet, mute and/or block a user, create a new moment or report a tweet.  Posting selfies do appear on the member’s profile page and it is easy to view them by clicking the side arrow with a gallery dated tweets attached carousel.

Twitter is more fun for people in disguise and Instagram links open to another page to view selfie photos.  The popular entertainers have verified accounts, which is a blue check next to their name and this marker is by invitation only.  Twitter and Tumblr are the only social media that allows nudity too.  Tumblr took off in the beginning, but has faded into the background compared to Instagram and Twitter usage.

Google.Plus is another social media website where users can create circles of friends in different categories i.e. friends, co-workers, fans, etc… Google.Plus never really gain traction in America, but more foreigners prefer when socializing online.

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