Who is Robin Zodiac?

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Robin Zodiac has a professional team of advisors thats job is branding her public image as a celebrity psychic.  Robin Zodiac has been a popular television and radio host for more than 3 decades through cable TV networks, starting out in the pre-social media era.  There was a time, when cellphone companies sold packages for a certain number of talk time minutes and text messages and once upon a time it was a greater expense to access her for services.  There was also a time, when daily emails were sent from friends and family members to communicate regularly.  This was when Robin Zodiac was at the height of popularity in the media.  These were also moments of more personal interaction with others and allot less virtual contact too.

Robin Zodiac did take a turn to challenge the system and has been working quietly as an activist behind the scenes indirectly in the shadows of news stories.  It is to keep her mystic, when it comes to her clients seeking personal advice.  Robin Zodiac has always said that channeling her psychic gift is kicking her ego out of the way for the information to flow through clearly.  She has said that compliments have made her stumble a few times, especially when her radio callers hold her in celebrity status.  Robin does have another public persona, but most people are unaware of her entertainment credentials.  Robin and her team want to keep it this way too.

A few interesting facts about Robin is that she took the name ‘Zodiac’ to influence the negative condemnation of the term as it referenced to historical serial killer from the late 60s through the early 70s.  Robin grew up in a DC foster home around political influences as being common place acknowledgments of event happenings in the world.  She was exposed to the underbelly of operations at a very early age.  Her attitude is ‘that everything happens for a reason and who am I to judge.’ 

She was indoctrinated into the Mormon Church that has been the ground work of her nonjudgmental training, but is not loyal to any religious organization.  When Robin was fifteen years old, she took her GED test to attend college to obtain a medical license, but realized psychology was her strongest pursuit in healing others with ‘mind over matter’ being the true secret towards good health.  Even though Robin has more than 5 years of college credits, she currently holds no degree.  Robin Zodiac has always been called ‘a trendsetter,’ when it comes to fashion and a risk taker of philosophies that many ignore exist in our cultural.

Robin Zodiac claims herself as ‘Psychic Mom’ and prides herself as mother being her best title in life.  She does have a daughter, but prior to giving birth; her co-workers would address her as a typical ‘den mother’ looking after her troop of followers.  Robin Zodiac has written an eBook for future release of the real ingredients used to provide accurate readings and the main key point is to relate to others with the ‘heart chakra.’ Robin Zodiac aspirers this personal level of commitment with everyone she encounters through her life.

Robin Zodiac has lead by example in regards to allowing others to speak their minds freely and honestly.  She claims to be a guide and appreciates people making decisions to better themselves whether it is obtaining material success or spiritual growth.  She does not possess jealousy or envy; because she is too busy focusing on her own individual goals to become distracted by others.  She has said numerous times to her audience listeners that ‘jealousy is the fear of being unloved.’  Robin Zodiac realizes that she is loved by most and has never feared what others may say or think of her.  There is an Afrikaans term to describe Robin’s unmasked attitude as her having ‘no skaam;’ meaning no fear of embarrassment or ever feeling ashamed. As they say in the roughest areas in DC, ‘it is what it is.’      


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