Valentine’s Day Digging Debt Dates

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It is “‘Saint’ Valentine’s Day,’” which is a day to send a card or message to loved ones.  This celebrated love day actually originates from pagan rituals, which is the beliefs stemming from the grassroots of all religions.  Valentine’s Day is the Lupercalia Eve relating to the fertility Roma festival in exchanging over a billion cards, during this time of year.  The action of sending a card through the mail is more significate, then a text or email in our modern day world of communication.  Now is the time to plan your holiday acknowledgement with purchasing postage and picking the perfect card.  Making a card or writing a poem can make more of an impact on the person receiving a message of love and/or care for them.

Valentine’s Day is during the Western sun sign influence of Aquarius.  Aquarians are said the have incredible minds of memory.  These star signs have a gift of seeing things as if they are in a silent helicopter above it all in viewing situations for others.  It is extremely common to meet gifted psychic readers that are highly influenced with astrological alignment planets being Aquarius in their charts.  In numerology 1 + 4 of the 14th of February is 5, which symbolizes freedom in communication and travel representing sending a thought or message in a card.  Also, February is 2 and 1 + 4 equals 7 in numerology, which is the number for spirituality.  A connection with the soul of loved ones and really has nothing to do with the Catholic religion, but allot of Catholicism rituals derive from the pagans.

Valentine’s Day is another way for retailers to make money.  The post office use to be how the government made money back in the cowboy days. But, since the Oklahoma bombing of the Federal Building, the postal service is owned and operated by the Netherlands. And, when mailing a package overseas it goes to customs, which is located in Canada.  Americans are the biggest consumers of debt or credit, college and mortgages loans, which is really fiat money being fraudulently accessed by the Central banks to lend Americans their own Social Security trust funds.  American trusts were turned into stock in 1933 by the ‘New Deal’ introduction.  Then, President Nixon took it further with the Congressional Budget Act, which allowed the government to spend Americans debt on the media to continue brainwashing the public of the all-mighty wizard.

Romance may lead to marriage and/or children, which is creating certificates for traders on Wall Street.  The government has politicians with their hand in these deep pockets of the stock exchange and it isn’t enough to have a Federal Election Bond that enables elected officials to blow up donations ninety percent.  If a candidate accepts $1.00 their bond allows them $10 raised on the books.  Most politicians create laws to trap their elected area citizens for arrests and create bail bonds, which is ten percent down on an insurance policy to promise to appear in court.

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