Princess Cristina of Spain Freed of Tax Fraud

Spanish Royals

The King of Spain’s sister (Pictured in the Top Right) was found ‘not guilty’ of tax fraud, but her husband was sentenced to 6 years in prison for using non-profit organization donations to pay for things like family vacations and home furnishings.  The Spanish nobles were once the most powerful rulers in Europe, but this is not the case in today’s world.  It was the Spanish royals that created our current money value system that has been adopted by common elitists in the last 200 years and currently perverted in our modern times.

It was more than 500 years ago, when the Queen of Spain with the Catholic Church instilled a country’s currency being valued on breeding and land.  This equation called ‘relative value’ has been practiced among all Monarchies throughout the world even by today’s standards.  It has also been abused by outside circles of royal families by those not been born with privileged entitlements of nobility, but have manipulated the system knowing the game rules for their own greed.

There has been many articles written by the admin about politics and the Central banking system based on these fundamental traditions and has not been taught in schools, but the Spanish cultural is the originators of this concept of a birth certificate being a receipt of a person’s value or stock and commodity being determined by ancestry and used as a whole population to equate a country’s money value in the trading market. 

A passport requires an original birth certificate to travel and other countries use these documents as checks and balances in the forex exchange markets.  A marriage certificate has family value and marrying above one’s station was once granted land to manage and rewarded by the Monarchy to support titles i.e. Duke or Lord.  We are familiar with the term ‘landlord,’ which derives from this historical determination.  

Spain’s financial market has been the worst in year’s past.  The Queen’s son, King Felipe the VI had his coronation on June 19, 2014, who had married a divorcee; Queen Letizia.  A royal marrying a divorcee is against Monarchy rules and nobility knows this will negatively affect financial matters for that country.  Most of Spain wants a referendum to abolish the Spanish Monarchy without even knowing the secrecy of these traditions being violated.  The country was in turmoil when their new King came into power and 50% of Spaniards were unemployed at the time. 

Many people are very unhappy with the corruption and there are two political parties that are still fighting for democracy.  Spain has gained more financial problems and having a divorcee Queen Letizia exasperates their currency crisis.  It was reported that a third party had implicated Princess Cristina and her husband in this court case.  It seems extremely unfair that King Felipe the VI sister and brother-in-law live in Switzerland. The royal family couple was not even at court when the conviction of 6 years in prison given to Inaki Urdangarin with a $545,000 fine and Princess Cristina was not handed imprisonment sentence, but must pay more than $280,000 to the courts.  The King and Queen have made no comment to this court case.

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