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Robin Zodiac is traveling to India.  She leaves in Monday, February 20th and returning March 7th.  Robin is seeking a higher level of spirituality in a place that she is held in high regards as a psychic reader and/or teacher.  Robin Zodiac is flying through Hong Kong and spending a day there on the way and a day on the way back home.  Robin will be missing her birth date, because she will be on a plane and arriving at her destination 14 hours ahead.

Ms. Zodiac has trended in India on social media years ago.  Lots of clients have requested her to visit to work as a psychic-medium-healer.  It is divided country of different religions; Muslims, Christians and Buddhists believers.  But, spiritual leaders are more than welcome in India.  It is also a country full of internet pioneers.  Hong Kong is the financial capital of Asia and extremely expensive.  Hong Kong is to Asia as New York in to North Americas.

Robin Zodiac has evolved in the last few years in her personal life.  Her accuracy has more than 10s of thousands of 5 star reviews with numerous confirmations of her predictions and timeframes coming true.  Robin Zodiac is also known as ‘Psychic Mom.’  She does have a gifted daughter, who wants to pursue the same work as a psychic reader.  Her daughter has the support of both parents to strengthen her abilities.  Robin Zodiac’s husband is South African and he has also had psychic experiences in his youth.  He had been drafted into war as a young adult and managed to survived, when many soldiers died in service.

Robin Zodiac will be taking calls and chats, while traveling.  India is 14 hours ahead of California time.  This trip was a last minute plan and everything fell into place.  She is excited to feel the spiritual strength that exists in India. She does know people from this part of the world, who say the food and shopping is the best in the world.  Americans do not usually have to apply for a visa to enter a foreign country, but visas are needed in India and they only issue 2 in a year’s time.

Robin Zodiac has given Universal Broadcasting Network notice to return to her Friday night show on March 10th and she will be having Anna Biller as her guest on the 17th.  Anna Biller is the writer, director and producer of the best movie of 2016 called, “The Love Witch.”

The best way to contact Robin, while she is traveling is to register here and video chat with her.  Please send paypal payment for her time and service.  Please sign-up for our Newsletter for her psychic deals and details on Robin Zodiac’s psychic lifestyle.


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