London Fashion Week Trends of 2017

New York, NY, USA - September 11, 2016: Model walks runway for the Custo Barcelona women's & men's Spring/Summer 2017 runway show during New York Fashion Week SS 2017 at Pier 59 Studios at Chelsea Piers, Manhattan

It last week was where celebrities and designers flocked to London to take in an eye full off fashion trends for the season.  It was big news, because style is presented as big and loud.  The jewelry worn is over exaggerated with large earrings being a focal point of each garment.  The hair is big as the 1980s and make-up colors like bright pink commanded attention.  It seems there has been a real fashion influence on an army look, unusual sleeves, lots of sheer fabrics and prints this year.

The hair fashion shown is long and natural; even the modern bob is just above the shoulders.  Hair accessories of rhinestone clips works well with the gaudy earrings, so more is best.  The 80s had more layers in the haircuts, but in 2017 the hair-dos are purposely done messy or either, polished and sleek, but no in-between.  Also, different color hair i.e. green, blue, hot pink is being seen more often these days.  Make-up is worn as the 80s with bright colors and less of the natural look in recent years.  Glittery eyes and lips are popular in evening wear too.  Of course, ladies finish their faces with long, thick, lush eyelashes.

All styles of sleeves are most noticeable on the runway.  The 80s showed big shoulder pads, but today is the big sleeve.  It looks as if the sleeves are from the renaissance era, attached to fitted garments.  It appears the outfits are basic with wild sleeves standing out on the models.  There are lots of ties and bows at different places on the arm.

Sheer fabrics reigned this year, but lots of sheer fabrics are in fashion.  A skirt has bulks of sheer fabrics flowing as models caches down the runway.  Mid-length ‘A’ line cut in dresses and/or skirts is the rage.  A fluffy sheer modest is today’s look with a form fitting bodice.  The mid-calve length seems like more from the 1950s era, but the fabrics being sheer or net looking is the 2017 trend.

The army trend is more the cut of slacks and oversized jackets being more casual with elegant fabrics are being used.  The balloon type pants with fitted waistlines are similar to the skirts or dresses puffing out from form fitting tops.  Army green is a yellow-green or olive khaki color being reintroduced.  This color will be seen more in the fall of 2017.

The prints on clothing are more asymmetrical and not really repeat patterns in the fabrics.  Having prints in certain areas on the garment.  Black leather is a basic staple in a wardrobe, but prints with loud colors is definitely 2017 style.  Embroidery is big these days on most fabrics, yet less looking as patchwork. 

It has been mentioned that fashion follows the mood of the times.  Big and loud seems to be the current political expression of this year.  The new American President does do and say things that collide in our psyche and this is being shown on the 2017 runway. 

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