Best Dental Implants is in Hyderabad, India

Hyderabad, India

A friend was in a car accident as a young adult and lost their upper front teeth.  Years later, they needed dental implants and many dentists in the Los Angeles area quoted anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 with a 6 month treatment process to complete a mouth full of straight, natural looking teeth.

With hours of research online and numerous videos and websites, this friend came across Dr. K.A. Reddy in Hyderabad, India.  The doctor is honest and does a new type of dental implants, where it only is 3 days to service a patient with a perfect smile.  The doctor has done over 4,500 patients and has perfect 5 stars score review online.  Dr. Reddy is confident during the consultation, but does give details of the downside to every individual patient with ease and care.  He takes on patients that many dentists have denied service to.  He has at least 2 clients a year that make his job challenging, yet he is able to provide them with incredible teeth.

Many Americans fly to Hyderabad to pay Dr. Reddy his price that is prearranged before booking.  He read emails from other Americans questioning his rates and worried that it is too good to be truth.  Lots of people needed dental implants surely know that American dentists are costly and the procedure is time consuming.  Dr. Reddy is honest and truthful and surprised that patients question his quote.  Anyone traveling to hire Dr. Reddy will be happy they did, because he will not turn anyone away.

India has such polite and well-mannered people.  The women dress in traditional garments.  Both, men and women wear a ‘Bindi,’ a red marked dot on their forehead to symbolize their commitment to their religion and marital status.  The food is never bland and it seems the spicier the better.  The waiters are helpful in choosing a dish that matches the taste buds.  There are no rules to driving on the streets and no police writing tickets or citations.  The driving is chaos, yet no signs of road rage.  People walk across the street as drivers swerve to miss them.  There is constant horn honking, but it seems to be more of a habit and politeness.

The Best Western hotel is modern and the key is put in a place to keep the lights in the room working and this luxury hotel is approximately $38.00 or 2,280 rubies for a 24 hours night stay with a buffet breakfast included.  The desk clerk does take a digital photo of their guests when checking in to their room. The hotel does provide wifi connections on each floor to the guests.  The elevator is touch screen and very futuristic. India does require a visa to enter the country, actually to even board a plane when departing from home.  It was discovered that India does not sell Sims cards to foreigners with their unlocked cellphones. 

The Hyderabad airport is clean and organized to show a traveling visa and get a passport stamp.  Hyderabad has the biggest mall in India and is known for valuable pearls for inexpensive prices.  So, travelers can buy both pearly whites from Dr. K.A. Reddy and pearl jewelry while visiting a world out of time. 


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