Self-Help Emotionally Freeing Therapy

Woman doing EFT on the karate chop point. Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping, a form of counseling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine.

E.F.T. Tapping is also referred to as a “Basic Recipe” to relieve negative thoughts or feelings towards an event or memory that seems emotionally intense.  E.F.T. is ‘emotional freedom techniques’ that really heal the nervous system.  Most disease comes from ‘disturbance of ease.’  It is as if we have malware in our nervous system that can be extracted with ‘E.F.T. Tapping Exercises.’  It is a simple, gentle and fast change that takes place with focus, discipline and routine.  There are many people that swear by it to work through problems or fears that is normally faced throughout life’s challenges.

The first thing is to recognize the intensity of the problem on a scale from 1 to 10 and 10 being the most intense feeling surrounding the issue.  The next thing is to come up with a short ‘problem phrase’ description.

Example of a problem phrase:  “…I have this fear of court…” Then add; “Even though (problem phrase), I deeply, totally and profoundly love and accept myself.”

There are 10 acupuncture points to tap, while speaking the phrase 3 times out loud with focus on the issue being felt.

  1. Palm used to tap the top of the head
  2. Beginning of one side of the face eyebrow with 2 fingers
  3. Same side of the face boney side of the eye with 2 fingers
  4. Below the same side of the face, under the eye with 2 fingers
  5. Under the nose, above the upper lip with one finger
  6. Above the chin, under the lower lip with one finger
  7. Flat fist tapping under the neck by the collarbone
  8. Under the arm with open hand, parallel to the nipple
  9. Inside the wrist point, two fingers down from the hand using the other wrist to tap
  10. Side of the hand, below the pinky finger is called the Karate chop point

It is best to tap each of these areas 4 to 5 times and speaking the ‘problem phrase’ out loud 3 times on each acupuncture point listed.  After tapping each point, then reassess the emotional in tensed of 1 to 10 again.  There should be less intense feelings towards the issue.  This is a good time to breathe deeply in and releasing the negative air out.

Then speak; ‘I still have some (problem phrase) and I deeply, totally and profoundly love and accept myself.

Once again, tap 4 to 5 times through all the 10 acupuncture points and saying the lesser problem phrase 3 times at each acupuncture point out loud.

Then speak; ‘The remaining (problem phrase) and I deeply, totally and profoundly love and accept myself.

The negativity towards the ‘problem phrase’ should be neutralized, so when the issue is thought about there is a different perception emotionally felt.  This E.F.T. tapping rituals work, but like everything in life, they must be used routinely for the best results.

Embrace the inner power and use to manifest anything in focus.  Many people overcome trauma, tragedy or can gain financial success through the action of tapping with the belief or faith it will happen effortlessly by releasing blockages of negative thoughts.

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