Kittens and Cats Are Mystical

Kitten Cat is an adorable Siamese kitty looking up at you those deep blue eyes.

There are those that love cats and unfortunately, there are those that hate cats. But, these are the most incredible intuitive and sensitive creatures around. A black cat is usually affiliated to magic or mystics or commonly owned by witches, who are females that practice Wiccan faith of nature worshipping.

You will never meet the same personality twice in cats. They are completely individual, yet there are common traits in the different purebreds. Such as the Siamese bred are known to be shy and Abyssinians are more like dogs and have a ticked fur that is good for owners that may have allergies towards cats. Different breeds do carry some of the same inherit traits, but they are all originals.

There are some things about cats that are not commonly known about cats. They travel in circles when they roam and the circles get bigger and wider. They are similar to sharks in that they spray there area to mark their territory. In some cultures, cats are said to be fallen stars. They appear on deserted islands out of nowhere. Cats are not picked up by animal enforcement like stray dogs. Most all orange tabbies are born male. And, that cat owners take on their sleek mannerism naturally being around them. The cat does travel in the owners mind and has the same experiences psychically from their catnap.

Most people know that cats will return every day at the same time to eat. They are nocturnal and awake at night and sleep all day. That cat’s feed on mice, rats and birds. They bring pieces of the dead catch as a gift or trophy to their owners or to those that feed them. Cats perch themselves in the highest place or on the tallest furniture in the room. When a cat purrs, it is really them drooling. They are extremely sensitive and they will leave a home, if they are struck or physically hit. As kittens they like to jump on a person’s back or shoulders. Cats are very curious and like their chin scratched.

There are pictures showing cats playing with yarn or thread, but this is dangerous if they eat and swallow string, it will twist in their intestates and kill them. It is a myth to feed cats cow’s milk, because this will give them kidney or urinary track infections. Most cats come when called, but they are always on their own time schedule and come when they want. There are domestic cats bred with bobcats and usually born with 6 toes or a short tail these cats will come when summons. They are amazingly supernatural animals.

It is best to own 2 cats at the same time, but not from the same litter. If they are siblings, then if one dies the other one will wither away from emotional distress. Cats are social animals and they will be happier to have another cat in the home to play with each other. Never own 2 male cats together or they will have a spraying contest on the furniture. Meow!

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