Wall Street has A ‘Fearless Girl’

Fearless Girl Statute with Placker

On the International Women’s Day, the Boston State Street Advisors has commissioned an artist to erect the ‘Fearless Girl’ statute in front of Arturo Di Modica charging bull.  The Sicilian artist of the charging bull says, “That’s an advertising trick.”  Well, Wall Street is the trick.  Wall Street is in Lower Manhattan, New York City.  Actually, 14 Wall Street, because it was the Dutch that bought New York island from the Indians for $14 and some cents.  It is the Netherlands that has created slavery and corporations making people stock.

The ‘fearless girl’ was to only stay for a week, but now she will be standing up to the Stock Exchange, until April 2018.  In April of 2016 was when the Panama Papers were exposed.  The Panama Papers revealed those that maintain dead people’s trust funds or in the blood money business.  There has been a few accurate reports of these shell accounts.  There was a financial investigator, who spoke of covert operations by the C.I.A. and proof of earnings from child sex slavery too.  Maybe this is why the statue is of a 50 inch ponytail girl?

Wall Street was literally a place where farmers came to sell their food and stock or ‘livestock’ animals to market.  The only thing that has changed is that people are now the stock.  A girl exposed the wrongdoings of billionaires and public figures pitching their charities.  It says that the State Street Advisory group manages $2 trillion in assets in the world, but this is new news.  Could it be that this firm is handling the rewarded funds of a girl that was the whistleblower of Mossack Fonseca lawyers of money laundering scheme instilled from her childhood upbringing?

The ‘fearless girl’ is more than just a symbol of women in leadership.  It tells a story of a girl that was secretly born to family that created the Security Exchange Commission and indoctrinated into human trafficking as a kid and recruited by the C.I.A. to turn the tables on those illegally profiting from her soul?  There is more than just a bronze statute standing in front of the charging bull.  It shows that girl went into the depths of hell and faced her fears of fate and won.

The new Wall Street statue shows the look of the ‘fearless girl’s’ face being neutral and neither sad, angry or smug.  This girl looks, as if she has resisted the Stock Market from being responsible for what she knows from her experiences of childhood endurance.  There was news reports of a pedestrian humping the statue.  This is the truest of media reports.  Men can believe they control the money and rule the world, but this girl just stands with no judgment towards them, as if she know better than to buy into the imaginary trickery of money.

The ‘fearless girl’ has become a New York tourist attraction.  This statue will probably stay for years to come, because the dollar will disappear and become Russia’s currency of B.R.I.C.S. trading.  Americans are so afraid to lose their reputation of being this most powerful country in the world, yet this is another imaginary idea.  America has been in-debited to Russia, since President Lincoln borrowed $50 million dollars from the Romanov family in the 1800s. 

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