Governor Jerry Brown is Not King

Jerry Brown arriving at the Producer's Guild Awards, at the Palladium in Los Angeles, CA on 
January 24, 2009
©2008 Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo

Governor Jerry Brown has just signed a 14 cents tax per gallon of gas at the pump for Californian drivers.  It seems that Jerry is ruling California as king.  It is surprising that Governor Brown can just go to the House of Representatives and pass a tax law on something that was not voted on by Brown’s constituents.  But, Governor Brown’s leadership is unlawful and goes against the Bank Relief Act, when U.S. Incorporate went bankrupt in 1933.

Governor Jerry Brown had also sign the Anti-BDS Movement bill to punish Californians that stand with the murders of the Palestinians living on their land.  Those politicians in office have taken an oath to support the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights being an adhesion contract called the Constitution, since 1776.  Governor Brown supports terrorism funds of foreigners over residents of California is completely against the laws of the land.  The Israeli tax is for worldwide Jewish groups living in other counties are able to claim restitution on terrorism and droughts.  And, ‘Semitic’ means the root word of the Arab language, so when called ‘Anti-Semitic’ it means ‘not for the Arabs’ and has nothing to do with Jews.

California is no longer a State in the Union, but became its own country in November of 2016.  Brown is behaving as a king without the entitlements to claim his reign.  Americans are not informed of the back-room deals made, because leaders are not going to tell you that they hold CUSIP bonds to trade on Wall Street or to pillage when arrests happen or trust funds (relative value) is taken with an American life lost.

The media is also to blame with not exposing the truth of politicians ruling American soil behalf of money or the banks.  It is the United Press, Inc. that owns and operates Reuters and the Associated Press illegally, because the media is breaking the Sherman Antitrust Act prior to February 21, 1871, when America became a corporation.  It is as if a gang of media moguls operating illegally continue to do illegal reporting to keep the gangsters in power.

It is the Rothschild banking system that funds the media and has set up the game to destroy lives and steal trust funds as the Rothschild (Bauer family) ancestry hertiage did as gravediggers 200 years ago in Frankfurt, Germany.  Those that quote the Constitution that ‘all men are created equal’ is the biggest lie to date.  Americans have wanted to be free from Britain, but attorneys that are affiliated with the B.A.R. is stating they are with British Accredited Registry and work for the Bank of England.  It is the Bank of England that distributes reparation payments to the Israeli’s that suffered loss of the family members during the holocaust, so why have these trust funds increasing over the years?

People are waking up all over the world to the way our banking system has been working for years.  It is a rat race for survival everywhere in the world.  The population is growing more and more and basic needs are expensive and out of control, due to the fact that life has become cheaper and cheaper and that people’s CUSIP bonds are penniless and being deflated daily from debt on top of debt.

Governor Brown added more tax to gas, which fuel is actually plentiful, just as Queen Victoria created value in diamonds to control a plentiful commodity.  The most valuable commodity is amber, but fossilized sap is cheap and inexpensive to obtain.  Amber is an excellent example of how backwards the system is and it is failing with simple math.  The world does have a safety net in place, but the media and politicians are bad mouthing Russia, who created and controls our new banking system called B.R.I.C.S. that eliminates profits on death, war and arrests.


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