Nurturing Yourself for Inner Strength

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Consultants that deal with others in depression or going through negative challenges in others’ lives have to nurture to ground themselves to be able to handle problems without getting personally involved.  Psychics and psychologists can easily take on other’s energy, if they do not care for themselves first.  The truth is that every living thing is connected meaning plants, animals and people are all one in this universe, so it is easy for empath consultants that truly care to protect from the forces effecting other’s dealing with sadness, frustration or feelings of failure. 

The weather is created by the nature of this spiritual connection.  Humans do have the power to control their own fate, but destiny is inevitable.  It is as fate (past, present, future) is the streams and rivers to the sea, which is destiny is the sea or symbolically is death.  Death is taught to be a finality, but the true grassroots of all faiths is the belief in rebirth or commonly known as reincarnation.  Many have mentioned that there is too many people on the planet to mathematically make sense to this theory of reincarnation, but the universe is an infinite with spirits, souls, breathe or voices of others coming from other universes and/or dimensions of the vast abyss.

We all take on characteristics of those we live or spend time with on a regular bases.  We do absorb energies of those we encounter in our daily lives.  When someone is cold or disgruntle to us, even if it is a stranger, it can disrupt our psyche.  It is easy to tell ourselves that they do not matter, but the action of blocking their vibe is easier said than done.  The best way to handle negative people is to kill them with kindness or to sink to their level and give them the same response back at them.  Never walk away wishing you ‘should have’ said or done something different.  If, you give others the same treatment back to them, then they have to look at themselves and will respect you for dishing out their own medicine.  People do not like to look at themselves and take responsibility for their actions.  Most aggressors are scared individuals that deny their own triggers or issues that is the cause of their words or actions to reflect their blame onto others.

It is best to visualize yourself as a child in the world.  This is the best way to love and embrace yourself.  It is easy to love a child.  There is more understanding for children’s behaviors being native.  Adults need to surrender that they know everything.  Life comes at us in cycles and doesn’t mean that something we once experienced is being replayed.  Feelings of love with a negative experience attached does play out with new loves that come in to our futures.  It is best to journal our thoughts of the past or go back to situations that we denied and role play in our minds or on paper.

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