Recognize A Psychic Vampire

Psychic Vampire

Seeking psychic advice is both entertainment, yet can be a healing experience when calling a compassionate psychic reader.  It seems that caller’s energy does pull in energy of psychics too.  Most times people are in a state of confusion or feeling depressed from disappointments.  There are professional psychics with a gift not to read this energy, but look beyond it.  But there are readers that feed on these negative feelings and exasperate it to keep caller dependent for the sake of selfish motives to hire their money, which is commonly known as ‘Psychic Vampires.’

It is best to consider the source of the adviser that is commissioned for a psychic reading.  There are plenty of gypsies that can tap into to a client and say something that rings true, but then this con-artist goes on about the negative energy around and that the gypsy is the only one that can remove these blocks for thousands of dollars or car title and sometimes, even the seeker’s home given from fear and/or intimidation.  This is very common practices of those with corner stores with fancy lights in the window, doors wide open and no one sitting in it.

Robin Zodiac says that a true professional psychic reader is only paid for the time used to conduct a psychic reading, whether the information is accurate at the time or a future prediction.  There have been clients that have taken advantage of her time, but she wishes them well and lets the debt of service go, knowing the client taking from her energy has bad karma coming to them.  So ‘Psychic Vampires’ can also be a client too.  A non-paying client will walk away naturally feeling guilty and will probably bad mouth the reading with negative vibes towards the force of a god given gift is as the thief are shooting themselves in their own foot.

A professional psychic is aware of the power they hold over a client’s life.  A caring and compassionate reader will stick to the information given to provide to the client and avoid false hope to keep the client strung along.  Robin Zodiac has had to remind clients that they called her for her visions and her job is to read the situation at the time of the reading being paid for at the time.  It seems that clients that have encountered gypsies do distrust a true professional psychic reader from their past experiences and they have at times tried to diminish the reader’s gift due to the fact of being taken advantaged by a gypsy or ‘psychic vampire,’ who has robbed their money and in turn, hurts their confidence and their own power.  This goes both ways energetically, but Robin Zodiac says she always sees it coming and only has herself to blame, if a ‘psychic vampire’ client enters her domain.

The best way to avoid a ‘psychic vampire’ is to get a referral or listen to a readers radio show to hear them read for others on a weekly basis, because the caller usually forms a relationship with the psychic and listen to the transformation of the caller’s voice.  A psychic reading should fill up the client and is the purpose of the reading, even if the client gets difficult information.  Robin Zodiac has been honest to a client about a situation to empower the caller to either avoid a situation or accept it easier when it happens.

Robin Zodiac does have a small circle of friends that provide excellent psychic/medium services to fill a caller up with power and self-confidence by the end of the reading.  Her psychic friends are not competing with each other, as if they are fighting over a dollar, but value relationships with themselves or a client.

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