Herpes Health Advice

Herpes Health Advice

It is said the 67% of the population has Herpes simplex virus-1, which is the common cold sore on the lips that has been known to sometimes spread into the nose.  The over the counter medicine that works best is blistex or carmex medicated ointment.  These products are sold as lip balms, but it can spread the cold sore to other parts of the mouth when dragging the medicated stick along the sore to the uninfected areas.  It is never a good idea to pop the puss with a sterilized pin to avoid it spreading to other places on the face and/or body.  The best remedy is applying baking soda paste to the cold sore and it will burn at first, but dries it up the quickest to a scab that eventually flakes off.  It is also a good idea to lubricate the lips when exposed to the hot sun and wear a hat to protect the lips too.

Both Herpes simplexes virus-1 and 2 is contagious, so avoid kissing or have others drink after an infected person.  The HSV-2 is known as genital herpes that can be transmitted when a person is shedding or having the feeling of the sore breaking out on their private parts.  People that contract genital herpes may only have one break out in their life to monthly breakouts, but once a person has been exposed to HSV-2 they will always be a carrier of the virus.  Condoms and dental swabs do help with preventing the contamination of a non-infected sex partner.  The genital secretions is the same as spit and best to abstain from kissing or intercourse, during the shedding or breakout of the herpes simplex viruses, either on the mouth and/or genitals.

Also, shingles and balls palsy is a strain of herpes.  These herpes viruses are known to hide in the bottom of the spine.  These breakouts do come on due to stress, fatigue and diet.  Please avoid eating too much caffeine, nuts, soy, dark and/or milk chocolate, if a carrier of any of these strains of herpes.  It is best to take 1000mg of vitamin C in the morning and another 1000 vitamin C before bed.  Too much vitamin C can cause liver damage and so does the medication for cold sores, genital herpes and shingles, which are Herpes Zoster vaccine, Valacyclovir or Valtrex.

HSV-1 and HSV-2 are painful skin rashes.  There are many different HSV strains in a carrier.  It is not true that if you have HSV-1, then a person cannot get HSV-2 or vice versa and sometimes people are infected with multiple strains of the herpes virus.

Carriers of herpes must strengthen their immune system with supplements like colostrum, CBD oil and eat a well-balanced diet.  The best vitamin for balls palsy, which is a herpes strain, is the Horsetail supplement bought at any vitamin store.  There are people that only recover from balls palsy with surgery, but others that know to ingest Horsetail to obtain a quick facial recovery.

Carriers of HSV should exercise; get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water to help avoid the stress of a breakout.  The virus starts with a lower backache and sometimes a throbbing ache were a sore once appeared.

Please, note this is only a suggestion to manage the Herpes virus and always consult with a physician before taking this advice.


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