Dusters are the New Vests

Sheer Duster Fashion Show

The spring and summer fashion has introduced dusters to be worn over shorts and skirts.  The 1970s has been a big influence in the last years.  Vests were a fashion staple during a colorful time of fashion 4 decades ago.  Today the duster is seen as a chic style to wear over solid colors in sheer fabrics.  The most desired dusters are floral sheer material to add the 1920s flair to an outfit.  It seems that dusters have come and gone briefly, but these garments are predicted to notch the millennial look.

Dusters do come in different lengths from over the knee to the ankles.  This is an elegant look for an average to tall height woman.  It does compliment a shorter person, but buying a petite physique is best when the duster has smaller pattern or dark sheer lines to add height.  Either, a sleeveless or plain sleeve duster is classic in comparison to a duster with puffy sleeves or belts hanging in front of the waistline.  Today’s standard duster has a long blazer like front with a button at the waist or no button at all with an attached flowing bottom to blow in the breeze that seems to represent a feminine free personality type.

A sheer duster being either of floral print or solid colors is not an age appropriate garment.  An elegant woman of all ages can wear this duster and not look out of place.  Depending on the under garments, the duster can be worn during a daytime event or evening outing.  It will not be acceptable to wear to a business meeting or court appearance, because it is best the woman wears the duster and not the duster wear the woman.

Floral designs usually are pastel colors to soften the woman’s grace and confidence.  Bright colors were big in the early 70s, 80s and 90s, but a duster is the new age vest in the late 20 teens era of today.  No one can go wrong with a solid sheer black duster with a clean basis layer to top a casual or nightlife under garments displayed through the matching fabric.

There has been new looks revealed in this millennium, such as tops and dresses with shoulders bare, the chocker fabrics in the neckline and now the sheer duster.  A duster can be edgy or frilly depending on the sheer fabric, where and when it is being worn and what is underneath and the shoes or boots that have been selected to finish the outfit.  This look has been introduced to stay and also mark our current time period of feminine, transparent, strong woman.

A duster is not for warmth as a sweater, but it is similar to an accessory.  It is sexy to add a touch of mystery to a subconscious appearance made when entering the room.  It does add height with the correct length on a woman.  It is a fun dress-up fashion statement that will be worth an investment.



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