Most Haunted Place on Earth

Lake Arrowhead

Before 1920, the Little Bear Lake was a resort city located in the San Bernardino Mountain.  It was a logging industry with a well-known brothel and gun registry located in the Cedar Glen town within the area.  The ‘Black Annie’ train would transport visitors and the residences through tunnels from approximately 10 miles away in Crestline, California, which is closer to the flatland.  A Los Angeles syndicate of Mormons and Jews known as the Arrowhead Lake Company bought Little Bear Lake approximately 4,800 acres and renamed it as Lake Arrowhead from a natural rock formation in the mountain drive known as Highway 18 above the Arrowhead Hot Springs.  Today Lake Arrowhead is a private to property land owners governed by the Arrowhead Lake Association.  The lake is shoreline is 14 miles and 1 and a half in width. Lake Arrowhead is a man-made lake that is a little longer than 2 miles in length.

Those that have been to Lake Arrowhead or the San Bernardino National Forest having the public Lake Gregory located in Crestline have experienced a different world.  Lake Arrowhead is known as the ‘crown jewel’ of the county.  The Bracken Fern Manor was owned and operated by the infamous Bugsy Segal known as a brothel and gambling for people with criminal connections.  The Tudor house had tunnels, where bootleggers transported alcohol before the 1933 Volker Act allowed distribution.

Today on highway 173, bordering Crestline and Lake Arrowhead is the Scientology cryogenics lab that has frozen Ron L. Hubbard, Walt Disney and Rodney Dangerfield’s heads.  This newly non-profit religion believes that one day scientists will be able to bring them back to life.  Locals that have grown up in Lake Arrowhead usually do not drink the Crestline water due to cryogenics seeping into the water.

Also, the Black Annie train stopped running when it malfunctioned under Lake Arrowhead tunnel and about 200 Chinese logging workers perished with their bones making it a graveyard.  The tunnels have 3-4 entrances to walk under Lake Arrowhead, which were to access the water ducts that where closed up after the original water company lost their funding decades ago.

During the gold rush days in the Valley of Enchantment is where the Indians would settle and religious groups moved in to slander their tribes to claim the land.  It is common to hear the haunting of Indian drums playing in the canyons and dogs howling.  These spirits roam the area and many visitors have encountered aberrations or have orbs in their holiday photographs.

Satan’s Castle foundation still exists today.  It was owned by a local doctor, who had a tunnel to the neighboring Catholic Church.  Satan’s Castle was burnt down after a Redondo Beach preschool came under investigation for transporting children to the house in a limousine for pedophiles to abuse.  There are those that worship the spirit of Satan, but in demonology, Satan is the god of anger and there is no such thing just smoke and mirrors for sick people to get away with their crimes.

The San Bernardino Mountains is known to be a very religious community, but they pray to a half dead man on a cross.  If people were never exposed to this philosophy of Christ, it would be shocking to the mind that these rituals do exist and this worship is still extremely popular in the American cultural.


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