2 Broke Girls Inspired by Reality Star

2 broke girls

In a Hollywood script, it is most common to take a real person and divide them into 2 to 3 different characters. No more than 3 characters, but 2 Broke Girls is one woman divided into Max and Caroline.  The show’s creator has based the 2 lead characters from reality star; Robin Zodiac with inspired storylines from her professional actress social media account.

The creator, writers, CBS network casting department and even, the banker of the show are good friends and/or neighbor her.  Robin Zodiac has lived a rich life of material luxuries as Caroline and cannot stand money as Max’s character.  Robin use to live in city high-rises with doormen and drive a brand new Corniche Rolls Royce, where men would jump into the street to throw their business cards at her.  Robin was so disguised by people’s behavior towards her for living an heiress-like life as a young adult and at a time when money was an affluent currency.  She packed up her things and moved to a different neighborhood and traded her wealthy status from ‘what she had’ to a ‘who she is appearance.’

Every episode is linked back to Robin’s pseudonym postings.  The sitcom includes a restaurant owner, Hon, who is a real person from the creator’s neighborhood.  The cook, cashier and Sophie are not as recognizable in real world of the creator’s affiliations, but I does give flavor to this comedy program.  The comedic timing is perfection.  The show does poke fun at celebrities, homosexuals and professionals.  2 Broke Girls does not waste any minute of time on the small screen.  The sitcom is smart and funny, when they bring the real person’s postings to life in the characters; Max and Caroline.

2 Broke Girls has a formula with showing the lead characters’ bank account amounts increasing from the storyline or decreased according to their decisions.  Allot of viewers have stated that their $1,000+ ending balance does not make them broke, but their location being in New York City does entitle them close to poverty.  Max and Caroline are owners of a start-up company baking cupcakes.  This business model would not be appropriate for Los Angeles being a more health conscious society, but is realistic in the ‘Big Apple.’  Plus, California is a lonely place to reside, because it is a transit State, where young people usually only move to for a time and their sunny experiences to return home to family and friends.  New Yorkers’ are rooted in a social cultural and does not have to write in a high turnover of characters coming and going.  The creator of ‘2 Broke Girls’ is the same producer of ‘Sex in the City,’ which also takes place in New York City.

This modern television show has had many celebrity guests to support these colorful female characters.  The leads are predictable and do not evolve into different characters through their challenges to generate money.  The audience can relate to them as likable people that come into their homes on a daily and/or weekly basis.  CBS has a winner in ‘2 Broke Girls.’

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