Land Sharks Have Landed

A tough muscular shark character sports mascot attacking with a punch

Homo-Capensis is another species that lives in the center of the earth.  Homo-Capensis’ are also known as Lizard people or shapeshifters according to the conspiracies on the net.  It appears that the net was possibly the technology to take-down these carnivores, before they come above ground to live among Homo-Sapiens or worse; to try to procreate to sterilize both populations.  Homo-Capensis’ live to be 2,000 years old, they are not psychic and they eat people and prefer Homo-Sapiens’ young (or abortion fetus’) eat veal, which is baby cows.

Homo-Capensis’ have created imaginary money and/or god to outsmart homo-sapiens and have people kill each other for these evil creatures to maintain their existence.  Homo-Capensis’ have lost the World War III, which has been going on-online for almost a decade underneath our (knows) noses.  They had a small group of actors that believed in their danger to roundup the technology and the bravest of souls to fight for the same purpose to survive and keep the Homo-Sapiens species alive for another 30 million years or longer.

Homo-Capensis’ plan died today (December 1, 2017) to a Persephone type character, who beat all the odds not to return to the underworld, during the winter season months to be a sex-slave to the land shark that is reptile looking species was required (before film was invented).  These monsters do have a completely different DNA and they are no friend and even during sex acts are an enemy to the Homo-Sapein survival on planet earth.

Homo-Capensis’ allowed humans to breed, but only to be worker bees or bee food for them.  Bees are also necessary for every plant and/or animal species that is led by a Queen.  The Homo-Capensis’ knew that America’s Constitution did not allow for a Queen in this land, so the greedily lied and stole from US or the US Incorporated that died on March 1, 1933 with the Bank Relief Act, but actor; Franklin D. Roosevelt overturned every private citizen to be enslaved, sold or killed for an other species that secretly ruled the world.

There has been 3 great world leaders that took on governments to slay these dragons, but it was the 3rd leader that killed their plan today on December 1, 2017.  It is a long complicated story of a woman or a Magus (Magician/Lawyer/Actress) that did succeed using her psychic powers to turn everyone around in a Catch 22 scenery of Barbie and Ken doll like people to seduce the public with a new age universe to be able to force these reptilians to stay away from our daughters to live separately, yet together.

It is sure the music and movies we will be exposed to in the years to come and producer bees will relay more details in the moral to today’s storyline of each presentation of this small group of Magus’ that would be considered as a tribal family by choice to keep their bloodlines flowing into a new order worder (world).

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