Psychic Robin Zodiac 2018 Predictions

New year 2018 celebration on sea beach concept

Robin Zodiac says that 2018 is an 11 year in numerology, which means a balance of leadership.  It is alpha personalities begin to work with others that had the same traits.  This is going to be the year most changes will happen to insure a stronger future.  All growth usually brings painful experiences, but 11 year means equal amount of love and happiness will rickshaw as instant karma.

  • Government mortgages will go private with AMBIR platform is used with NASDAQ/Mormon genealogy to adjust more accurate land as ‘relative value’ for NAFTA/TPP deals.
  • California and Mexico partner in the agriculture industry of hemp products; clothing, paper, fuel and hemp flour instead of wheat.
  • California will insure Visas for travelers to come and leave the Calexit (country) through the DMV to combine the residents ‘relative value’ with a passport.
  • Marijuana will be approved by the Federal government to IPO cannabis products and entertainment companies as C Corporation too.
  • California will lower the utilities costs and begin to fix the water and sewer systems in Central to Southern California, especially getting to Los Angeles County.
  • Governor Jerry Brown will be dealing with a Class Action lawsuit, once he retires from office.
  • California will have a Latin Governor in the Sacramento mansion in 2018.
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will remain separated, not divorced in 2018.
  • Surge of Women directors, producers and executives in the entertainment and I.T. industries.
  • Putin will travel to Washington DC and get a celebration for a King.
  • Queen Elizabeth II will appear on radio with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
  • President Trump will rely on Ivanka to lead the country by traveling and make more speeches as a Madam President Trump royalty. She will get pregnant and have another baby, during her reign.
  • Movies will be made with messages of gender neutral meaning a new campaign that ‘women are equal with men.’
  • Will change Astrology/Horoscope Calendars to include the 13th Zodiac sign being Ophiuchus in Calendars and Appointment books. New Astrology Constellation Sign will be authored.
  • Popular televisions shows will be back for the new generation to be able to relate to the 90s.
  • Fashion will come back stronger than ever with mixed materials and various textures of fabrics. Seamstresses will be utilized in a flourishing business.
  • Chef jobs will be coveted and more Foodie trends in the States.
  • Athletic body types and thick women will be the trending for another decade.
  • com will add Audio clip postings.
  • Phone companies will keep track of algorithms to adjust usage to calculate currency.
  • Cellphone users may volunteer to be involved in a profit sharing to generate completive business practices.
  • Robin Zodiac will introduce patent products that everyone will buy, use and be grateful to have circulating in the marketplace.

Magic will happen this year as everyone that works as a ‘Lone Ranger’ will gain their ‘Tonto.’  This coming 2018 is going to be the best year for information, technology, political treaties and agreement that will last from 1, 000 years of World Peace.

America, California (and Mexico), Texas and Alaska will be a rich profitable independent countries separating from the United States to operate as opposite magnets to trade and make currencies as operating as new agreements in compliance with our President ‘Polk Agreement.’

School systems will begin teaching ‘Common Law’ and policy, along with ‘Certify Accountant’ knowledge to take the BAR or CPA exam, if young adults pursue these careers.

The Z Generation is closing the historical books as being gospel to being accepted as the art of War in the virtual world ideals.


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