America is Having a Baby!

LOS ANGELES - NOV 17:  Eva Longoria, America Ferrera at the Press Junket For NBC's "Telenovela" And "Superstore" at the Universal Studios on November 17, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA

Congratulations to America Ferrera for expecting her first child! America has brought joy and happiness into our living rooms with her television appearances or watching her in movies.

America Ferrera is a Latin actress with comedic timing. Her timing is perfect for being symbolic; as America grows an unforeseen system of life.  It is a celebration for America and Mexico living to the President ‘Polk’s Treaty’ that has matured and bloomed due diligence from denying the legitimate agreement.

Robin Zodiac brought to attention that Marilyn Monroe’s mother was Mexican born citizen and her biological father was Howard Hughes.  America worships and adores Marilyn Monroe in all countries and from all walks of life that know of the ‘American Icon Actress’ born Norma Jean Baker (an neighbor’s profession) and Senator Robert F. Kennedy brought attention to the migrating Mexicans bonding together to has their own bank to operate their own system of barter and trade and travel to the American farms back to their homeland for work.

Robin Zodiac has been saying that California will separate from the Union of the States and join Mexico to make those born on this land is a legitimate country that is sovereign land or commonly known as a Republic, which is a Monarch with a Queen.  The only country in the European Union Commission that does not accept a Monarch in their inherit country are adult homosexual twins rejecting the idea of a Queen is Luxembourg.  Luxembourg speaks the German language that the world believes is the same country, especially when the news is reporting on Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank and Comerica Bank (Entertainment Asset Holdings) are merging, because the IRS in Dallas, Texas is headquarters that issues bounties on American citizens in the form of debt vs. credit originating from their own saving accounts called on March 1, 1933; Strawman and changed on March 9, 1933 to the ‘New Deal’ called; Social Security Trusts.

The Wizard of Oz” movie was released on August 25, 1939 with a straw-man character that needed a brain.  This movie was the political symbols of a system that at the very center from where Dorothy and her little dog (dob); Toto (Natural Born Person being a Corporation Stock or mirror reflection of the “Toe to Toe” hint was the name ‘Toto’) started at a swirl of a yellow brick road to a con-artist scammer behind a media curtain as politicians of the times pulling off the biggest heist in history. Hollywood benefited from Wars and the depression, because film was fairly new invention.  And, the Glass-Steagall Act, the 21st Amendment and the Bank Relief Act (Tea Party Conservative), the Federal Reserve Governors, the Rothschild’s Banking family, the Netherlands or Dutch Royal family being Wall Street and the United States Post Office, which was America’s original federal payment system designed to support the government.  Now, it is the internet, yet customs packages leaving America goes through Canada.  Canada has been the creators of the most dramatic American history to date.

So, film was the secret weapon for War, Death and inflation for the poor and middle class Americans on behalf of the German Jew Queen Elizabeth II needed ‘to wag the dog’ their own Hollywood production to keep her head of State for the Jewish Rothschild’s Banking system that were originally gravediggers from Frankfurt, Germany. World War II was Kodak ‘smoke and mirrors’ to rob Americans and their second-self, their Strawmen or their Trust Fund.  The Zionists used this to their benefits by running the bloodline payments through the US Wall Street (Corporation bond brokers bidding on Life vs. Death) as the U.S. of Germany Commission, during the Krupp trials of arrest and his release to rob him from his royal entitlements to grant the Queen of England, her fake legitimacy.

The ‘wizard of Oz’ is short for ‘Q’ for Queen and ‘Z’ for Zionists meaning the Queen and the Zionists are one in the same, until Brexit and the Federal Reserve leaving the United States in the last few months.  Now, California is Calexit to merge with Mexico for agricultural purposes to return to the grassroots of American business.

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