2018 Year Colors is All Hue Shades Trending

Calvary in Banska  Stiavnica, Slovakia Unesco

The scenery of a castle set in a dark blue sky with surrounding clouds gives the impression of the color mood of these times.  It seems that a Trump ‘card’ in office has benefit the image appeal of today’s history.  The sandy color being of no color against human being’s skin is the background tone.  All beige and gray hues are this years’ memorial of the Rothschild’s banksters exiting the United States and the DuPont family, who sets the color standards each year is in somber moods of the new age leadership of potheads and modern day economic hitmen online.

Interior decorators are trending clean and basic lines through colors from textiles and textures being predictable.  White through gray of 50 shades is the subconscious mind being fluid thoughts through a plain boring room to live or sleep in comfort.  Hardwood floors is the richest example of luxury in decorating and it takes a veteran carpenter that can bring a room to exciting alive vibe.

The continental like furniture style is used in bedrooms is symbolic of the grassroots of the continental currency, which was trade deals.  Hemp was the commodity that made Americans’ farmer wealth, but DuPont would rather manufacture polyester than compete with hemp clothe for clothing.  Now, the DuPont dominates the genetic modified crops called ‘G.M.O.’ seeds that is planted to taint the soil to only grow the DuPont seeds in the future.

Corning, California is the city, where the DuPont’s conduct the cannabis research for medical marijuana.  DuPont manufactures corning cooking dishware.  It appears the 2018 are colors to neutral tones symbolic of the neutral marijuana recreational smoking in California.  It appears that the chemical company has surrender their patents to control the garment industry or textiles in America to worldwide fashion designers choice of fabrics.

Bright dark blue symbolizes a rich velvet allure.  It seems that everyone wants to fit neutrally in with blending different degrees of beige and gray.  Gold can be considered a shade of tan, which is President Trump’s favorite color, according to his Trump Towers penthouse.  Dark navy color can also be a sign of the United States Navy Corp, who are military spies.  State secrets that lurk in the dark shadows becoming commonplace as Navy being among all shades of hue.

It seems that 2018 is a classic colors year with layers of hues and strong bright dark blues.  Navy means strength of the red, white and blue.

DuPont working with the grave-digger Rothschild banking family failed to opponents  quicker, smarter and the entitled Z generation, because the marijuana grassroots is back to stay as our banking social security economy  system moving forward into a new millennium, which is an age of 20,000 years.

Robin Zodiac announced the 13th Ophiuchus constellation on December 1, 2017 and 2018 is entering into an 11 year for equal hunter/huntress power claiming the serpent code of the medical Goddess Age of Aquarius, Symbols and Signs era. So, the rich dark navy is for spies in the mind’s eye of normalcy.

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