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It has been announced that both exes of William ‘Brad’ Pitt will be presenting Golden Globes at the Award ceremony on Sunday, January 7, 2018.  The big question is Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie be speaking to Brad on camera, or will Billy not show up for this Hollywood event?

Americans are so obsessed with celebrity gossip, where the British find this to be ridiculous propaganda, but Hollywood has made the biggest influence in the world.  The media controls opinions and tells viewers what is good for them to have wealth and health as their lifestyle.  Newscasters report on a slant of suspects involved in a crime as law enforcement narrates it.

The British is a Monarchy government, yet do use the media to maintain the Queen’s figurehead. When film came into existence was to set the stage of a sinister plot with the Catholics and Zionist for the German Jew; Queen Elizabeth II to continue to reign without entitlements.  These entitlement rules were designed by the Queen of Spain over 500 years ago, along with the Pope leadership at the Vatican and the wondering Jews, who brought sulfur for canons to profit on human blood for land.  In other words, so commoners can fool god of the legitimate anointed royal figurehead rightfully wearing the crown.

Angelina Jolie has always wanted to live in England, but it appears that her ex; Brad Pitt is not going to allow this to happen for his kids.  Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston at a time, where her career was more important to her than giving birth and stretching out her body.  Angelina Jolie wants is all with a large family, married to a blockbuster actor and travels the world as a United Nations Ambassador solving problems.

Jen(nifer) and (An)gelina or Jengelina will be at the Golden Globes to present awards.  The audience will tune into watch the snarky comments these ladies will make towards their ex or each other.  Robin Zodiac predicts that this ceremony, “will go-off-without-a-hitch.”  Everyone will be surprised to see Brad Pitt on the red carpet this Sunday.

The Golden Globes is using the media news to promote their program.  In recent years, mainstream actors have not attending award ceremonies on behalf of the British Monarchy or in protest of their Imperial Bank.  Maybe the American royal actresses that reigned with Brad Pitt is the new leading ladies used to promote an American Queen being a Crowned Republic or change of American government from democracy.

Robin Zodiac predicts that there will be allot of purple color at the event representing red (republic) and blue (democrat) together is the color purple and yellow gold symbolizing intellect royalty.  It appears that American royals have outsmarted the British royals or currently German Jews leadership and goes against nature, according to a Cest’ vie que trusts disguised as the B.A.R. (British Accredited Registry) Association.

It is obviously that William ‘Brad’ Pitt is aware of ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ role play rules and it has been said that a student gets the basics, during only one after high school club meeting.  Brad is a Sagittarius with most planets influences in Capricorn or his birthday falls smack in the middle of the 13th zodiac sign; Ophiuchus.

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