Legging Hollywoodland

a collection of female legs in various poses

Hollywood is going through a Renaissance period in time with the #MeToo movement.  It seems that the Hollywood’s Dirty Little Secrets is out in the open now.  We have known about the casting couch existing for a thriving career of an actress.  It seems that women are dressing to present comfort in a modest revelation through leggings.  Showing the curves of the hips, butt and legs are being shown off in today’s fashion style from the feminine agenda that has been way overdue in revealing publicly.

When the ‘Robin Hood’ costume designers create the allure of this era has men in tights or leggings.  It is ironic that leggings is manufactures in numerous different materials for the gym to night clubbing events.  The tops are long and sweaters during the colder seasons to cover the fanny area.  Leggings with lace, sheer materials and ruffled tops is as a Renaissance throwback appearance.  Also, lots of black to represent a mourning mood among disgraced celebrities dealing with loveless love making for opportunities that brought them their fame and fortune.

Leggings can be worn well by just showing the shape of the legs.  Do not reveal the tummy or butt, unless they are athletic leggings worn in the gym.  Rich textures, patterns and prints embossed in fabrics are stylish leggings for business blazers with thigh-hi boots.  A less thick boot heel to flats gives the swashbuckler look with leggings.

Classic cotton and wool tops with big broach pins and fedora hat gives inspiration to an artist rebirth is taking place in today’s world.  “‘Robin Hood’ stole from the rich to give to the poor” or “poor little rich girl” dressing down with a royal flare through legging fashion sense ease.  Leggings are fun, playful and theatric for all women, yet women must be aware that less legging is best in her daily routine of work meetings, shopping, dining or clubbing.  The legging look can be altered by changing a sweater to jacket or boots to heels from day to nighttime activities.

Leggings can be a staple garment that is an easy item, when traveling too.  It is best to choose a main color, while packing a suitcase and sticking with it by switching up different fabrics to cover the lower-torso and calves wearing boots.  Basic colors as black or navy with hues of tans, gold or grays keeps the Renaissance crisp and fresh in the twenty-teens.  Never wear white leggings, unless baggy shorts are hiding the pantie lines.  White leggings is never a good look for all body types.  Depending on pattern colors in the leggings can be diminished with solid basic colored tops, sweaters or jackets.

Robin Zodiac predicted, “If you cannot beat the legging movement, then train women how to dress in them to bring the luscious element to this trend.”

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