North America Has A Queen Now

Queen Elizabeth I

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Legends are created by a superhuman actors.  Royalty is gamesmanship of rulers that are anointed by the gods through Judea-Christianity, since the 1400s.  The history of the British Monarchy must be taught in the Commonwealth countries. The Commonwealth is Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  South Africa fought to become its own ‘Republic’ of South Africa.  Republic is another term for ‘Monarchy.’  Anyone that has ever sat in on a ‘Dungeons & Dragon’ meeting would know that the British Monarchy has family ruling the ‘Republic of South Africa’ now.

King Henry VIII created the American ‘Democracy’ government by allowing commoners to be involved in politics.  King Henry VIII had children with different women.  His first born daughter became ‘Bloody Mary’ being devoted to her crown as a Catholic.  Queen Elizabeth I was an infant, when her father had her mother’s head chopped off.  Queen Elizabeth I has been known as the ‘virgin queen.’

Queen Elizabeth I killed Mary Queen of Scot, but raised her cousin’s son; James, as her own child.  It is the King James Bible that has given generations’ clues of the end times, between the pages.  It is not the end of the world, but the end of the times as we have known them.  King James and Queen Elizabeth I are in god status, but losing their mothers as babies is the basis of ‘Disney’ movies.

It was announced on Martin Luther King, Jr Day that the Medieval Times dinner play of joisting, while feasting on turkey legs has a Queen.  The news report says that the ‘Medieval Times’ restaurant has not had a Queen in 34 years and that she is the North American Queen.

Robin Zodiac predicts that the North American continent has other family members of the British Monarchy having their own reigning Queen as South Africa won in war in the 80s.  Also, Ms. Zodiac believes President Trump is the ‘Crowned Republic’ and was appointed by the Electoral College, because of his name; Trump was needed for future history books to read the legend of the ‘Queen of the Americas.’

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