“Psy Chic Lifestyle” Reality TV Series

MNN tv Show

Manhattan Neighborhood Network is proud to announce the ‘Psy Chic Lifestyle’ reality television and ‘live’ stream programming, every Wednesday; 7:30pm-PST/10:30pm-EST for a 30 minute show on Channel 3 for Spirituality.

Liz Pressman is a Sugar Hill, N.Y. resident and Robin Zodiac lives in Los Angeles and filming on webcams and iPhones to edit together with plot lines and music video segments with recording artist; Cortney Page singing the soundtrack available on Amazon.

Psy-Chic Lifestyle will be released on Amazon Prime for viewers to get to know the stars of the show to gain confidence in them as psychic readers. The show is intended to market two incredible psychic/mediums in the metaphysical world sharing the raw, real moments used to entertain.

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