Pantsuit or Jumpsuit Bling is It

Pretty asian woman wearing latex jumpsuit. Inside cyber world concept

In the 70s, the one-piece jumpsuit was the trend that never lasted for very long.  Everyone thinks of Elvis, when the jumpsuit is mentioned, but this spring of 2018, the pantsuit is the fashionable style.  It seems that polyester material has the stretch for women to move in their clothes.  Binding fabrics can give the illusion of a jumpsuit production, or unless there is nylon or latex in it.

The jumpsuit construction is not for the ‘big beautiful woman.’  Average to small body types look best in the pantsuit.  Today’s jumpsuits are being introduced with bling or sequins and rhinestones.  These outfits are not just for entertainers, but women that want a longer, leaner body type when wearing it.

Bodysuit tops made a big come back these last few years, so the jumpsuit is the direction the trends are going these days.  The pantsuit is next a classic look and it will never be a lasting trend, but for a special event outfit with an average body type is the choice of this season.

The pantsuit does make women polished from head to toes and the bling does gloss over the 70s reminder of style, but it is only for the moment.  The 70s did have the big bell-bottom hem and that never made a comeback, but the tapered leg is what is being sold today.

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