New Order World Trade by Queens N.O.W.

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They say you cannot reinvent the wheel, yet accounting is a “T” square.  Every adult understands debit and credit, yet America debit is plus and Internationally debit means minus, so the every changing currency that was once controlled by politicians are going to be controlled by C.P.A.; licensed accountants.

It has been commonly publicized that paper money has gone through many different directions, since 1666, when a Dutchman convince the King of England to back up the paper with gold.  There wasn’t enough gold to stabilize the paper cash and the businessman was jailed.  Before the Civil War, the New England States had different currency of trade, except Pennsylvania called Continental currency trade of stock.  It was in 1933 that the Glass-Steagall Act, the 21st Amendment and the Bank Relief Act was the bankruptcy of the U.S. Incorporated that was established February 21, 1871.

America gained a British royal family member; President Nixon take the dollar off the gold standard creating land or zip codes as the currency commodity as in England and also in Pennsylvania, where the Social Security Administration is located and so is Centralia, U.S.A.  President Clinton destroyed the Glass-Steagall Act to fund Wall Street with arrests to steal society of their Social Security Trusts with the New Deal that President Roosevelt created 8 days, after entering into office.  The Bank Relief Act clearly puts the power into the American born citizens’ hands without elected leaders able to make financial decisions, but D.C. used Hollywood and the Central Banks to gain control to suppress the power of the people to avoid another Civil War and to continue to enslave Americans as debt or debit internationally.

They say to rewrite history can predict the future.  Kanye West has been a pioneer to open the minds of literal slavery to economic slavery system being revealed.  The internet and computers have revolutionized the financial industry to a huge demand for accountants to be able to taking back the power, instead of surrendering to the system that keeps us in bondage.  The system has a new flood of demands being the currency of trade and returning to the grassroots of the American nature.

The Hollywood and D.C. system has failed with hundreds of thousands living on the streets homeless as foreigners are able to embezzle land or property that elected leader generously invited in to a Wall Street profits and gains to a few select group of individuals.  Money is not real, but an energy exchange as an electric current between two entities to share in a trade.

Whether you believe in evolution or not; does not mean we are not going to evolve.  The royal family is going to marry a divorcee twice and the debit to credit is credit to debit down twice.  There is a demand for American accountants to find a solution to a system that failed, either it was a bad system to begin with or bad people where stopped.  Either way, the new system of trade is the only solution for accountants to collect dated data to bring to the market in real-time to make any sense of a run-away currency in these modern times.


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