Bare and Colorful Dress this Season

young beautiful model walking on fashion show piste

Bright bold solid colored dresses are this summer’s trend.  Off the shoulders and bare collar bone is the sexy in the feminine flow of today’s dresses.  Orange, red and yellow appeared from dark regal colors from the near past.  This colorful fabrics are a pleasant surprise this summer.

The current look is inspired from the late 60s or early 70s with go-go hemlines and baby doll style or may have a princess cut bust showing the neck and shoulders.  Even big platform shoes are the rage with soft flowing materials on top.

The fashion is fresh and exciting with statements of confidence giving the first impression when entering the room.  It seems that the clothing was going ‘metro-sexual’ for all and took a turn into an era of women marching for equal rights to ‘girls’ rules’ effortlessly.

It is fair to say that a healthy heterosexual man would enjoy this trend.  The strong power colors with mysterious lines and sexy legs to view.  Coker collars were recently a trendy item that would blend well with these updated styles.

Psychic Robin Zodiac predicted the throwback to feminine fashion as the #MeToo movement gets quieter to a rediscovery mood of a girl’s innocence boldly stated in a colorful free flowing baby doll hemmed dress and says, “This look will be the current reflection of the turn of the millennium.”

Sexy is in the neck, shoulders and legs on the runway.  Woman can be feminine superhero or work as Ivanka Trump does for the White House.  Sadly, it has been reported that Ivanka is no longer going to continue her line of clothing.

The White House’s 1st daughter, Ivanka wears her hair long and straight as in the 70s with natural color make-up for her flawless and classic look.  Hair is going back to one length of long and natural locks.  Eyelashes came into fashion about 5 years ago and seems that those women that do wear them, wear them daily.  False eyelashes is totally Hollywood and beach girls are less likely seem wearing them.

It seems that today’s feminine and colorful solid dresses is going to stay in fashion or it seems that our mood is going to get brighter.  Color can influence the mind as orange does calm that mind of someone with ADHD (or so they say).  It will take allot for this look to fade.  Woman are starving to be seen as smart and powerful people in society.  This is the look to carry this new attitude.

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