Royal Baby to the People’s Prince

Baby Announcement

Congratulations to the British Royal Family of the new baby announcement to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  It was a fast courtship that led to quick court proceedings, since their May 19, 2018 wedding.  The Duke and Duchess of Sexxus are expecting their first child.

The psychic prediction is that it is going to be a girl that they name, after the late Princess Diana.  But, Robin Zodiac believes it will be a boy that they will name Spencer after Diana’s mother, who divorced and remarried to the Spencers’ family. “Now that it is out there…they probably won’t use the name, but one thing is for sure is that it will have its parent’s profile,” Robin Zodiac continues, “Prince Harry’s grandparents on his mother’s side married into other families.  Her mother married a Spencer and father married a Lewisham.  Prince Charles and Princess Diana named William after her step-brother and also Prince Charles named William after a relative that was killed in a plane crash.  Lord William Lewisham is a log time friend that I met when Prince William was just a toddler.”

The peoples’ Prince is expecting an heir that will be awarded to the country as a tradition going back hundreds of years.  The banking system was designed by the Queen Isabella of Spain, but Queen Elizabeth I raised her cousin’s son, who was Mary Queen of Scot that plotted the British Queen’s murder, so she was killed in prison.  The Scottish did impregnated a Queen in which Prince Harry gets his red hair.  Princess Diana was born out of wedlock to a banker and very close to her half siblings, so her step-brother was close family due to her upbringing.

So, everyone is happy for the extended family of the Duke and Duchess and Robin Zodiac predicts that Brexit and Calexit are the new conqueror to the British royal family included.  Meghan was born in California and the extended family in the States welcome the freedom of the State of the Union with the Constitution being up held as both being cultural traditions to be overseas for both sides of this biological family.

There are many marriage being arranged as another cultural tradition and Prince Harry is no exception to the rules.  Marrying into Hollywood created the players as relative to the Screen Actors Guild when it comes to the banking industry.  It is complicated to explain after decades in the making, but America is real-time cultural and England is now with the times.

Congratulations to the newlyweds on the expecting baby.  Robin Zodiac sees 2 babies, so it could be twins or Irish twins (birthdays within a year of each other).

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