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We are exiting Libra in a few days, but only a moon fire signs have appeared in star gazing days.  Robin Zodiac does a Wednesday nights at 10:30pm-EST television show in Manhattan and can streaming on channel 3.

It is a New Age News program that includes the mood of Ophiuchus.  She follow the tradition Georgian calendar to discuss ‘Heavens Horoscopes.’ This is the running theme as weather reports capture morning viewers.

It is fun and light heart feeling left after watching, according to my husband.  He currently lives in Cape Town and wakes up at 4 o’clock in the morning to watch it with his tea,” Robin said. “I enjoy my creative outlet being TV production for now,” Robin continues, “And, of course hosting my radio shows.”

The programs are colorful with poster backgrounds and text banners of Magic Spells with an anchor woman still shot.  Or stills of an audience as ‘Cyber-Thought Readings’ flashes across the screen.  Robin has the camera pointed through her crystal ball for ‘Gaze Days.’

She has segments of ‘live’ reading clips. The show is mainstream quality, but only through stream and local New York City television.

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