Upscale Fashion When You Are Expecting

LOS ANGELES - JAN 14:  Natalie Portman arrives at the 16th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards  at Hollywood Palladium on January 14, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA

While you’re excited and over the moon about being a mother, you’re a little upset about your newest clothes not fitting you or you not looking so stylish or up to the mark at gatherings or functions. But you need not be upset about it; In fact you might even look more graceful than you have before. If you are normally a flat chested person, …

Charlie Sheen Reveals He is HIV+

LOS ANGELES - FEB 27:  Charlie Sheen arrives at the Two and a Half Men - Panel  at The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences on February 27, 2008 in North Hollywood, CA

Charlie Sheen is a famous and award winning American actor best known for playing great roles in movies like Platoon, Wall Street, Young Guns, Major League, Eight Men Out, The Three Musketeers and many more. Due to his numerous successful films, this American actor rose to fame. However, it just recently that Charlie seen revealed in one exclusive interview with “Today” that he is HIV …

Hiring a Male Assistant

Portrait of young brunette hair businessman sitting in a coffee shop reading a newspaper looking concentrated, handsome business man holding open newspaper sitting in cafe

When you think of secretarial position, a woman busy sorting out document will initially cross your mind. You will find it hard to imagine men performing secretarial task. You may find it strange or weird, but men in administrative field holds one of the most challenging professions. This serves as one of the most of exciting jobs that you can find hard to think that …

Colonic Pros and Cons


The colon is a very important part of the anatomy of our digestive system and our body. Also known as the large intestine, it is the last part of the gastrointestinal tract. Before being eliminated in the form of solid stool, the debris passes through this part and are being filtered for the last time. The entire digestion is made to absorb as many nutrients …

Traveling with Your Lover

Travel tourist couple traveling in New York reading guide book standing with SLR camera at sunset on Manhattan with yellow taxi cab in the background. Happy young multiracial couple on summer holidays

Thinking about heading in a romantic traveling trip with your lover? It may be a perfect way to bond, know each other better and spend a few days just the two of you. These types of trips can be great for a relationship as a couple. Don’t know yet how to tell him about the journey or how to plan it? Here are some pieces …

Dating with an Audience

LOS ANGELES - NOV 18:  Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson at the The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire Premiere at Nokia Theater on November 18, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA

When you’re a celebrity you’re dating with an audience. Last year when Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth were dating, everyone eagerly followed the couple around the net. While you may not be a celebrity, except within your inner circle, people are still watching your every move. And dating should be taken seriously—you do want to find someone for life, right? And that’s why whether your …

Less Make-Up; Best For Natural Glowing Skin Using Face Masks

Funny housewife beauty green clay mask and cucumber at the mirror

Utmost care and attention are required for maintaining oily skin. Greasy skin as it is sometimes referred to, are prone to acquiring scums and dirt from its surroundings. However, it is vulnerable to an acne outbreak. Obviously, extra natural oil tends to be released from oily skin, this is why it requires extra care for proper maintenance, so as to achieve an even-toned and flawless …

Psy Chic Lifestyle

Four friends making having fun among confetti

Happy New Year 2016! Excited about You Signing Up and Enjoying the Interactive features!! We are looking forward to having new friends and followers commenting, posting, giving their reviews and getting to know each other…along with buying and selling or hanging out and playing games.