Land Sharks Have Landed

A tough muscular shark character sports mascot attacking with a punch

Homo-Capensis is another species that lives in the center of the earth.  Homo-Capensis’ are also known as Lizard people or shapeshifters according to the conspiracies on the net.  It appears that the net was possibly the technology to take-down these carnivores, before they come above ground to live among Homo-Sapiens or worse; to try to procreate to sterilize both populations.  Homo-Capensis’ live to be 2,000 …

2 Broke Girls Inspired by Reality Star

2 broke girls

In a Hollywood script, it is most common to take a real person and divide them into 2 to 3 different characters. No more than 3 characters, but 2 Broke Girls is one woman divided into Max and Caroline.  The show’s creator has based the 2 lead characters from reality star; Robin Zodiac with inspired storylines from her professional actress social media account. The creator, …

Most Haunted Place on Earth

Lake Arrowhead

Before 1920, the Little Bear Lake was a resort city located in the San Bernardino Mountain.  It was a logging industry with a well-known brothel and gun registry located in the Cedar Glen town within the area.  The ‘Black Annie’ train would transport visitors and the residences through tunnels from approximately 10 miles away in Crestline, California, which is closer to the flatland.  A Los …

Dusters are the New Vests

Sheer Duster Fashion Show

The spring and summer fashion has introduced dusters to be worn over shorts and skirts.  The 1970s has been a big influence in the last years.  Vests were a fashion staple during a colorful time of fashion 4 decades ago.  Today the duster is seen as a chic style to wear over solid colors in sheer fabrics.  The most desired dusters are floral sheer material to add the 1920s …

Herpes Health Advice

Herpes Health Advice

It is said the 67% of the population has Herpes simplex virus-1, which is the common cold sore on the lips that has been known to sometimes spread into the nose.  The over the counter medicine that works best is blistex or carmex medicated ointment.  These products are sold as lip balms, but it can spread the cold sore to other parts of the mouth when dragging …

Recognize A Psychic Vampire

Psychic Vampire

Seeking psychic advice is both entertainment, yet can be a healing experience when calling a compassionate psychic reader.  It seems that caller’s energy does pull in energy of psychics too.  Most times people are in a state of confusion or feeling depressed from disappointments.  There are professional psychics with a gift not to read this energy, but look beyond it.  But there are readers that …

Nurturing Yourself for Inner Strength

Vector illustration of a cartoon girl studying with a bored expression, next to a floating thought balloon.

Consultants that deal with others in depression or going through negative challenges in others’ lives have to nurture to ground themselves to be able to handle problems without getting personally involved.  Psychics and psychologists can easily take on other’s energy, if they do not care for themselves first.  The truth is that every living thing is connected meaning plants, animals and people are all one …

Governor Jerry Brown is Not King

Jerry Brown arriving at the Producer's Guild Awards, at the Palladium in Los Angeles, CA on 
January 24, 2009
©2008 Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo

Governor Jerry Brown has just signed a 14 cents tax per gallon of gas at the pump for Californian drivers.  It seems that Jerry is ruling California as king.  It is surprising that Governor Brown can just go to the House of Representatives and pass a tax law on something that was not voted on by Brown’s constituents.  But, Governor Brown’s leadership is unlawful and …

Wall Street has A ‘Fearless Girl’

Fearless Girl Statute with Placker

On the International Women’s Day, the Boston State Street Advisors has commissioned an artist to erect the ‘Fearless Girl’ statute in front of Arturo Di Modica charging bull.  The Sicilian artist of the charging bull says, “That’s an advertising trick.”  Well, Wall Street is the trick.  Wall Street is in Lower Manhattan, New York City.  Actually, 14 Wall Street, because it was the Dutch that …