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Dusters are the New Vests

Sheer Duster Fashion Show

The spring and summer fashion has introduced dusters to be worn over shorts and skirts.  The 1970s has been a big influence in the last years.  Vests were a fashion staple during a colorful time of fashion 4 decades ago.  Today the duster is seen as a chic style to wear over solid colors in sheer fabrics.  The most desired dusters are floral sheer material to add the 1920s …

London Fashion Week Trends of 2017

New York, NY, USA - September 11, 2016: Model walks runway for the Custo Barcelona women's & men's Spring/Summer 2017 runway show during New York Fashion Week SS 2017 at Pier 59 Studios at Chelsea Piers, Manhattan

It last week was where celebrities and designers flocked to London to take in an eye full off fashion trends for the season.  It was big news, because style is presented as big and loud.  The jewelry worn is over exaggerated with large earrings being a focal point of each garment.  The hair is big as the 1980s and make-up colors like bright pink commanded …

Choker Neckline Trend

Choker Trend

It seems that the newest fashion for women is the choker neckline.  It does compliment young women with long sleek necks. This can work for older women that may have the normal aging of their neck to disguise it.  Some tops and dresses are being sold with a clear choker attached fabrics with a zipper in the back of the garment.  There is runway fashion …

Strengthen Yourself Inside-Out


Robin Zodiac sends a list to her clients needing to change their lives around.  She encounters many people that call psychics excessively, which creates more confusion and more money spent to straighten out the conflicting readings.  Robin always asks that people put her on a budget and she wants to be a solution not a financial problem.  One of the main things she suggests to …

Less Shoulder Material is Sexy Simple

shoulder showing fashion

In the 1980’s shoulder pads were in fashion. Television shows like ‘Dynasty’ promoted this trend to give the illusion of broadness up top to slim women at the waist. Most sewing patterns were designed with more space to add the extra padding. It symbolized women having a lot on their shoulders. It was a time in history when people use to dress to the nines …

The Most Attractive Beauty Look

Nails, Eyebrows, Eyelashes and Hair Color Advice

Every woman wishes to look the best. For this, she is investing in cosmetic products and treatments so that everything is perfect. From her eyebrows to her lashes, to nails and toe nails, everything must be done to complete the beauty of a woman. But what are the best beauty treatments today, which will help you look outstanding? Which ones deserve to be chosen? As …

Hair Extensions VS Wigs- What should you choose?

Paris Hilton & new product
arriving at the Paris Hilton Beauty Line Launch Party
Thompson Hotel
Beverly Hills,  CA
November 17, 2009
©2009 Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo

Every woman wants to have long and stylish hair. A trendy look plays a vital role in a woman’s overall beauty but some women unfortunately are not blessed with long or stylish hairs. These women have two options clip-in hair extensions or wigs. It is really confusing for women when they come to make the decision about choosing hair extensions and wigs. Because mostly women …

Less Make-Up; Best For Natural Glowing Skin Using Face Masks

Funny housewife beauty green clay mask and cucumber at the mirror

Utmost care and attention are required for maintaining oily skin. Greasy skin as it is sometimes referred to, are prone to acquiring scums and dirt from its surroundings. However, it is vulnerable to an acne outbreak. Obviously, extra natural oil tends to be released from oily skin, this is why it requires extra care for proper maintenance, so as to achieve an even-toned and flawless …