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Horoscope Signs of Candidates for President

hillary clinton

The election is 5 months away, yet the Presidential candidates are elbowing their way to the finish line with twitter wars and insults. It appears surreal that these adults acting as kids fighting a school yard. America does need a change, yet will the United States get it with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  The ‘Commander in Chief’ leads the military branches with assistance from …

Binary Code Patents Designed to Destroy Bill(s)

Microsoft Blog

It is common knowledge that Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates got his hands on the operating system becoming the birth of the internet age. It has been revealed in a movie starring Michael Anthony Hall that Gates took the technology to Steve Jobs to avoid the Sherman Anti-Trust laws and purposely created his competition. Also, Macintosh as we know as Apple today is an inferior product, …

Unknown Marilyn Monroe History


In the 90s, there was a news article reporting that Marilyn Monroe was the biological daughter of Howard Hughes, the wealthy aviation inventor and movie mogul during the 40s. Paramount was developing a script for a movie based on this unknown fact. The producers decided not to make the movie, because Marilyn and Howard had a sexual relationship. But them retracting the production on these …

Brangelina Will Never Divorce

Mr & Mrs Jolie

Brad Pitt is rumored to be a CIA operative and Angelina Jolie is bred from German royalty, so this means they can never divorce. Hollywood’s first CIA movie was ‘Spy Games’ that happened to be released days after the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and neighboring New York building and the missile attacks on both the Pentagon and the airplane over Pennsylvania. …

Frances Bean Cobain or Corgan?

Francis Bean Cobain-Corgan

It has been recently reported in the last few years that Billy Corgan and Courtney Love have been lovers, long before her marriage to Kurt Cobain. Billy Corgan spoke of his relationship with Courtney Love as her co-writer of ‘Hole’ songs on the Howard Stern show. And, Courtney Love mentioned her flying to meet up with Billy Corgan of the ‘Smashing Pumpkins,’ but Billy was …

Easter Hunt Kurt Cobain

On Easter in 1994, a man claiming to be a Private Investigator by the name of Tom Grant was contacted by Courtney Love to find Kurt Cobain at their Seattle home. Courtney and Kurt bought a house next door to the owner of the Starbucks coffee franchise and directly across from Bill Gates’ home located on Lake Washington. The “Soaked in Bleach” movie was released …

Justin Bieber Cosplay of Kurt Cobain

Justin Beiber Nirvana T

Pop star, Justin Bieber is currently performing on his ‘Purpose’ tour.  Justin has lived a full life at the age of 22 years old.  He had a long term and once stable relationship with Selena Gomez, he has been arrested in Florida and recently reported getting emotional on stage.  Even Justin Bieber wearing a Nirvana t-shirt to give homage to the late grudge singer, Kurt …

Alarming Reports of Angelina Jolie’s Health

Part of woman body suffering anorexia nervosa

One of the biggest Hollywood stars is screaming for more attention as she is whithering away from extreme weight loss. Angelina Jolie has been known to have mental problems by statements made by her own father in the press. It was reported, before her engagement to Brad Pitt that she suffered from a heroin addiction and encouraged to go to rehab. She seems to appear …

Getting Attached To A Charity Can Help

LOS ANGELES - JUL 24:  Donald Trump, Holly Robinson Peete, & Rodney Peete arrives at  the 12th Annual HollyRod Foundation DesignCare Event at Ron BurkleÕs Green Acres Estate on July24, 2010 in Beverly Hills, CA

Numerous little organizations take the chance to get included in their neighborhood group and give back. Philanthropies and foundations are continually searching for financing to perform their objectives, and giving can be truly gainful for your business. Additionally, your organization’s prosperity doesn’t simply incorporate the one element of your diligent work. It likewise incorporates all the steadfast clients who could be a piece of neighborhood …

Dita Von Teese Credited with Bringing Burlesque to Mainstream

Dita Von Teese
"Breaking Bad" Premiere Screening
Sony Picutres Studio
Culver City, CA
January 15, 2008
©2008 Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo

In the past, burlesque entertainment was confined to gentlemen’s clubs. This was until Dita Von Teese made it onto the scene. She presented burlesque, in a unique, classy style. Suddenly, burlesque dance was enjoyed by men and women of all ages, and at classy venues. Today, burlesque has even invaded the geek realm, with shows encompassing Star Wars and Star Trek. Dita was born Heather …